Fanboy News! President Obama Asks For Autograph! Daniel Radcliffe On Rude Fans! Paying To Meet Celebrities! And More!

It’s Fanboy News!

Daniel Radcliffe talks about Rude fans and being a child star! President Obama asks for an autograph! Paying for Autographs? And Celebrity inheritances.

Ron Weasley Is The Harry Potter Cast Member Most Likely To Go Home With You

“And that’s sometimes meant you can be really rude to me, kind of, and I’ll just be like ‘Yeah, fine,'” he said, adding that his girlfriend has helped empower him to detect that type of rudeness and not feel pressured to accept it.

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Obama asks for Peshmerga commander’s autograph

US President Barack Obama probably cannot count how many autographs he has scribbled out for fans and supporters.That is why on Thursday, many were surprised to see roles reversed when Obama asked for the autograph of Peshmerga Commander Sheikh Jaafar Mustafa.

Million-Dollar Autograph Collection Revealed on Strange Inheritance

A huge autograph collection — perhaps the largest ever amassed by a single autograph hound — will be revealed Monday on the hit Fox Business Network series Strange Inheritance.

Harrison Ford signed autograph indiana jones and the last crusade vhs cover

The absurdity of paying for celebrity autographs

According to a friend who was shopping at a local mall last weekend, she was shocked to see a line of sports fans paying $60 each to enter a store to obtain the autograph of a former professional football player.

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Tom Brady Is Charging $650 For His Autograph, Seriously

I sometimes wonder what Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb would have charged for their autograph if there had been a sports collectibles industry a century ago like the one that has flourished over the past 25 years. What got me thinking about it is the news that Tom Brady, arguably the greatest NFL quarterback ever, is doing a signing through Tristar Productions. The event is “private,” meaning you can’t meet and greet him. But can you choose your piece to send in. I can’t think of a superstar of the four-time Super Bowl champion’s magnitude in recent memory selling his autograph at the peak of his fame and prowess


Justin Bieber Says He’s Signed 2,000 Copies Of Purpose For Fans — But What If It Turns Out The Autographs Aren’t Real?!

Now, we are hearing that Bieber’s fans are skeptical about a promotion he’s been running to sell more albums this week, apparently in an effort to out-do 1D!It all started when the Biebs announced on Facebook that he was signing copies of the album for fans to purchase at random stores across the country

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Timeless beauty! Ageless Cindy Crawford, 49, looks effortlessly chic as she signs autographs for fans

Although Cindy Crawford’s left her modelling days behind her, she still manages to work her look wherever she goes. The stunning brunette, 49, looked radiant as she signed autographs for fans at LAX on Tuesday.The mother of two recently made the NY Times Best Seller list with her book, Becoming Cindy.

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