Fanboy News! Emma Watson Refuses Fan Photos! Autograph Hunters Throw Plates At Soccer Star! Life Lessons Learned Collecting! And More!

It’s interesting, so many weeks I think,… How cam I going to find things for Fanboy News and low and behold every week there’s a slew of new stories!

This week Emma Watson talks about refusing fan photos, a bunch of autograph hunters throw plates (?) at a soccer star and more!

Check it out below!

Emma Watson explains why she rarely takes photos with fans

During a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the Beauty and the Beast star explained she rarely poses for snapshots because “it’s the difference between being able to have a life and not.”

Of autograph hunting blues and second chances

The Indian cricket team has had a disastrous run at the 1992 World Cup. It takes two back-to-back spectacular wins en route to lifting the Hero Cup the following year to rekindle a 12-year-old’s interest in renewing his apprenticeship in cricket. So, naturally, he is tickled to his cricketing fanboy core when he finds out that the Indian team is coming to his home town of Lucknow to play a Test match against Sri Lanka. An autograph book bought for a fraction of his last month’s pocket money could be an invaluable investment and his ticket to eternal bragging rights.

crowds at TIFF

Crazed autograph hunters throw plates at soccer star

Paul Pogba had a plate thrown at him and was backed into a corner by furious fans after snubbing an autograph request.Cops were called to an Indian restaurant when the Manchester United star’s refusal sparked a frenzied melee.

Two senior citizens’ quest for collecting coveted autographs

After Nagpurian Dilip Dahake, 53, retired in 2014 with 42 per cent disability, he was looking for an activity to fill time. And soon enough, he got interested in meeting different personalities; more so, he got involved in collecting their autographs. Today, he has got about 37 slam books filled with photos and autographs, amounting to over 1350 signatures.

Life Lessons Learned Through Autograph Hunting

I had to go real bad. Like pains in my side bad. Like, turtle peeking the head out bad.

I dashed out of my cubicle and did my best power walk down the hallway, where I could maximize my speed without drawing any attention to myself.

Maxx Tissenbaum photo rare baseball player signed

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