Fanboy News! George Lucas Continues To Scold Autograph Dealers! Dak Prescott Cleared In Autograph Scandal! Stephen Amell Drops Spoiler In Fan’s Signed Photo! And More!

It’s Fanboy News!

This week, George Lucas continues his rant against autograph seekers, yikes! Dak Prescott cleared in signing scandal and more!

Check it out below!


George Lucas has some harsh advice for autograph seekers and compared the ones he saw Friday in NYC to beggars on a street corner.The “Star Wars” creator was immediately peeved when a few people looking for his John Hancock — not true fans in his opinion — approached him. Instead of blowing them off, George lectured ’em on how to make an honest living … in the movie industry.

FULL-COURT PRESS: Autographs? I’d rather have a talk

I was thinking the other day about when I went to a minor league baseball game in Rockford on Ernie Banks Day back in 1998. The Cubbies, which are no longer in existence, at that time were the Class A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs and Banks was there prior to a game signing autographs for fans and followers of his tremendous baseball career.

The most creative Krakow Major player autograph stickers

The $1 million Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major in Krakow, Poland is rapidly approaching, and July 16 can’t come quick enough for players eager to go at each others’ throats in-game.

Dak Prescott emerges squeaky clean in autograph case, despite some controversy

Dak Prescott was in the news for the wrong reasons when a story broke that some of his trading cards might feature have his authentic signature. Prescott was accused of using an autograph machine to sign some of the cards, which would most certainly not be good for business.

Panini America admits some Prescott autographed cards may not be authentic, signs Dak to new deal

‘Arrow’: Did Stephen Amell Tease An Olicity Wedding With A Fan’s Autograph?

Even though some anti-Olicity fans are already grumbling, it looks like they might have to face facts. From the looks of an autograph #StephenAmell gave to a fan recently, it could be he’s thinking an onscreen marriage is only a matter of time. Perhaps he already knows there will be a next time.

Vanessa Hudgens reflects on ‘High School Musical’ 10 years later

“High School Musical” not only captivated massive audiences when it premiered on the Disney Channel in 2006, but it also made Vanessa Hudgens a huge breakout star.

“That’s beautiful that I got to create a character that is so ingrained in them and a part of their childhood,” she said in an episode of “No Limits With Rebecca Jarvis,” referring to the film’s fans.

Vanessa Hudgens youtube awards with skylar grey lady gaga red carpet (10)

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