Fanboy News! Jennifer Lawrence Admits She’s An Ass To Fans! Mark Hamill Used Wheelchair In An Airport To Avoid Fans! Steph Curry Blasted For Avoiding A Kid In An Airport! And More!

It’s Fanboy News!
Mark Hamill used a wheelchair and faked being out of sorts to avoid fans, Jennifer Lawrence admits she’s an asshole to fans, and more.

Check it out below!

‘I turn into a huge a**hole’: Jennifer Lawrence admits she’s ‘incredibly rude’ to fans… and reveals the issues Mother! caused between her and ex Darren Aronofsky

She’s accrued millions of devoted fans thanks to her fun-loving persona in interviews.But Jennifer Lawrence has admitted she is ‘incredibly rude’ and a ‘huge a**hole’ when she meets her followers in public, while also opening up on the problems the reaction to her movie Mother! caused with now ex-boyfriend Darren Aronofsky.

Mariah Carey appears to be sitting on an invisible chair and clearly has special powers

Fans shared a video of Mariah signing autographs in the middle of her show earlier this week, which is honestly a very weird thing to do, and likely messes with the entire flow of the whole thing. Anyway, Mariah appears to be sitting on a small stool or chair during the impromptu signing, but right before the clip ends, she stands, and there is NOTHING behind her for support.

‘Fans can be just brutal’: Mark Hamill admits he was scared to return to Star Wars universe… after using wheelchair ‘trick’ to avoid autograph hunters

‘Fear is the path to the Dark Side,’ Yoda once warned his dad Anakin.And it might have worrying repercussions for Luke Skywalker too after Mark Hamill admitted he was scared to return to the Star Wars universe — because of the fans.’Fans can be just brutal,’ he told December’s edition of American Way for American Airlines.

Epic Baseball Autographs Found In Dilapidated Building In Upstate NY

This past March, a retired contractor walked into the big baseball card show in White Plains, NY carrying an accordion file filled with some of the most important autographs in the entire history of baseball.

Steph Curry lambasted on social media for ignoring autograph-seeking kid

While other players from Golden State obliged for a signature and photo opportunity, Curry was seen ignoring the 10-year olds request.

“Curry can I have an autograph? Curry I love you,” he said.

Want Flash Gordon’s autograph this weekend? Better bring your wallet

Those hoping for a photo with Flash Gordon might just say a-ahh when they see the price of a picture.

Science fiction and film fanatics from across the country will land in Wrexham this weekend as Wales Comic Con comes to Glyndŵr University .

The event – which sees thousands of visitors each year – is an anticipated date on the comic fan’s calendar.

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