Fanboy News! Josh Homme Calls Autograph Seeker ‘A F*CKING LOSER!’ Nicki Minaj Gets Obama’s Signature! Pete Rose’s Strange Autograph Inscription! And More!

It’s Fanboy News!

Some strange and interesting things this week. Pete Rose writes the strangest autograph inscription! Josh Homme’s autograph rant and Nicki Minaj gets Obama’s signature and more!

Check out all the news below!

Josh Homme Destroys Autograph Seeker ‘YOU F***ING LOSER!’

Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme got into a nasty name-calling exchange with a fan waiting for an autograph, and things nearly got physical. TMZ got this video of Homme berating the guy — who says he’s a teacher — Thursday night in Detroit. Homme was leaving an after-party for one his shows, and sources outside tell us the teacher asked for his John Hancock.

Cops ask Zac Brown for his autograph but don’t arrest him at a hotel room drug bust

Talk about a “Chicken Fried” cover-up! Florida cops are being accused of keeping country singer Zac Brown out of the spotlight, after a sexy party/drug bust at a hotel last week. Here’s the low down on the hoe-down.After a chauffeur parked outside the Four Seasons in Palm Beach was busted with coke, cops hit the party where his passengers were at. Inside a room at the hotel, officers found dudes, strippers, more cocaine, some pot, and the famous country star. Not a good scene, but luckily for Zac, blue was down with Brown.

Vince Neil Reportedly Denies Alleged Battery Of Autograph Seeker Recap

On Tuesday Vince Neil Reportedly Denies Alleged Battery Of Autograph Seeker was a top story. Here is the recap: (hennemusic) Former Motley Crue singer Vince Neil reportedly denies dragging an autograph seeker to the ground by her hair after being charged with misdemeanor battery in an alleged incident in Las Vegas, NV on April 7.

motley crue live in concert jimmy kimmel live alice cooper signing autographs signed autograph photo1

Nicki Minaj Gets Autograph From President Obama After “My Brother’s Keeper” Meeting

Nicki Minaj is showing off an autograph she received from President Obama on Friday after she and a slew of other stars met with him to discuss the criminal justice reform initiative “My Brother’s Keeper.” Check out the photo below!


School Principal Gets Paul McCartney’s Autograph Tattooed On Her Back

A day after being invited onstage during a Paul McCartney concert, a woman from La Puente had his name tattooed on her back.On Wednesday night, in the middle of the first concert of his world tour in Fresno, McCartney invited Lisa Carerra, her son Jude, and two daughters onstage.

Panic in Detroit: What really happened with Josh Homme and the autograph hound

After Iggy Pop’s energy-driven performance on April 7 at the Fox Theatre, a bunch of fans swarmed over to MoCAD for an exclusive photo exhibition featuring outtakes and shots from the new Pop album Post Pop Depression by photographer Andreas Neumann, which also promised to be an afterparty with Iggy and the band. The band, for those not in the know, includes Josh Homme (Queens of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Eagles of Death Metal) and Dean Fertita (the Dead Weather, Queens, The Waxwings), two fantastic multi-instrumentalists who contributed greatly to the show earlier that night.

josh homme fan photo 1

Autograph seeker mistakes Enrique Hernandez for Kiki Hernandez

Enrique “Kiké” Hernandez of the Dodgers is one of the game’s best utility men. He hit .307/.346/.490 (130 OPS+) with seven home runs last season while playing every position other than pitcher, catcher, and first base. That’s a valuable guy to have on your bench.Needless to say, Hernandez gets his fair share of fan mail and autograph requests. One fan recently mixed up his Hernandezes, however, and sent Kiké a Kiki Hernandez card

Pete Rose Sorry For Shooting JFK, He Writes In Bizarre Autograph Message

We all know why Pete Rose was banned from Major League Baseball for life. The all-time hit king’s love of gambling eventually got in the way, and the former member of the Cincinnati Reds’ greatest teams was banished. He has “apologized” for that over the years, and now he’s apologizing for another pretty grave transgression: shooting President John F. Kennedy. On Sunday, a Reddit user shared a baseball signed by Rose, which also featured the message “I’m sorry I shot J.F.K.”

Pete rose signed Pete rose signed baseball sorry I shot JFK 1 sorry I shot JFK 1

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