Fanboy News! Did An Autograph Leak Guns N’ Roses Reunion Lineup? Justin Bieber Charges 2K For A Photo? Zac Efron Hooks Up Fan With New Phone After Failed Selfie! And More!

The Fanboy News is strong with this one!

So much interesting news this week. Justin Bieber charges fans 2k for an autograph, Guns N’ Roses might have leaked their reunion lineup through an autograph? Plus Zac Efron buys fan a new phone after failed selfie!

Former D-back Adam Eaton greets 6-year-old blind fan with autograph and gear

Walking past a scrum of autograph hungry fans could be tiresome for most athletes, but that didn’t stop current White Sox outfielder and former Arizona Diamondback Adam Eaton from making a kid’s day, as reported by Yahoo! Sports.

The autograph-hunter

If you enter the M Chinnaswamy Stadium through the iron curtains the first thing that will strike you is a giant metallic image of a batsman on his follow-through after playing a front-foot drive. Beneath that a slogan is carved, justifying the action of a particular Indian batsman. You will immediately understand once you read the words ‘commitment, consistency, class’. It is Bangalore’s pride Rahul Dravid, with more than 13,000 Test runs and a small matter of 10,889 ODI runs.


Did Guns N’ Roses Just Leak Their Reunion Lineup Via Autograph?

Guns N’ Roses may have unintentionally just leaked their highly anticipated reunion line-up. Sure, fans already knew that main players Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan were on board, but with Axl’s ever-changing iterations of the band, the night train hasn’t been able to pinpoint who will be backing up the original members.

Mischa Barton’s DWTS Rehearsal Selfie Is Every The O.C. Fan’s Dream + More

ABC released the full cast line-up of Dancing With the Stars: Season 22 earlier this week, delighting Fuller House and The O.C. fans everywhere (we’re so rooting for Jodie and Mischa!). You can watch them all when the season kicks off on March 21, but first, let’s take a look at how these dancing champ hopefuls are prepping for the competition, shall we? Here’s your behind-the-scenes sneak peek at their (completely adorable!) rehearsal preps.

misha barton dancing with the stars selfie

Kim Kardashian, Her Selfie and What It Means for Young Fans

It would seem that for someone like Kim Kardashian West — queen of selfies, breaker of Internets, mother of two — sharing a nearly nude selfie with millions of followers on social media is a pretty ho-hum weekday activity.

Kim Kardashian

You Need to See What Zac Efron Did for a Fan Who Smashed His iPhone While Chasing Him for a Selfie

Zac Efron, Lord of Abs and Duke of Basketball-Themed Choreography, is also a really nice guy. Like, a really nice guy. So nice that when a fan chased after him to take a selfie and accidentally smashed his phone in the process, Zac gave him the VIP treatment.

zac efron fan selfie broken photo1

Adele Photobombs a Fan’s Picture . . . in the Middle of a Concert

A few nights ago, at the Manchester stop of Adele’s just-underway world tour, during a break between songs, Adele was chatting with the audience when an attendee named Kerry Scott shouted asking for a selfie. Adele, not bothered at all, didn’t just do that thing where you pretend you didn’t hear someone even though it’s obvious you did, nor did she respond with a gracious “Oh, honey, I’m so sorry, but I’m in the middle of a concert right now” smile.

Bieber charges fans US$2k for a selfie

Justin Bieber struggled to raise a smile for his fans at a meet and greet in Seattle, Washington, despite charging them US$2,000 (NZD$2965) for a selfie.The Sorry singer is offering his most dedicated fans the chance to meet him before gigs on his Purpose tour, but VIP treatment comes at a huge price.

Justin Bieber's Believe LA Movie Premiere red carpet9

That’s what Friends are for! Courteney Cox stops to pose for selfie with adoring fan as she steps out for lunch in Los Angeles

She has just appeared in a long-awaited TV reunion with her famous Friends.And it seems to have put Courteney Cox in a companionable frame of mind as she happily stopped to pose for a selfie with an adoring acolyte in Los Angeles on Tuesday.The evergreen 51-year-old seemed to relish the friendly encounter with the excited fan, which came as she headed out to lunch in the trendy West Hollywood area.

cougar town season 5 rare promo photo poster rare courteney cox rare

Jennifer Lawrence And Leonardo DiCaprio: A-List Stars Went Fan Crazy Over Jonathan Goldsmith And Asked For An Obligatory Selfie

However, Vanityfair has it that JLaw and Leo lost their cool when they saw Jonathan Goldsmith eating at the same restaurant they were in! Forgetting that they themselves were celebrities for a few minutes, Lawrence and DiCaprio carefully pestered the actor for an obligatory selfie.

jennifer lawrence signed autograph w magazine oscars 2011 photos 4

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