Fanboy News! Kate Upton “Ugly” Human? What Is Your Autograph Worth? The Rock Meets Terminally Ill Fan On Easter? Kris Bryant Rookie Card Worth 90K?

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Autograph collector called Kate Upton and Ugly Human? The Rock meets a terminally ill fan on Easter! Krist Bryant rookie card worth 90K? Sarah Michelle Gellar signed Buffy cards! And tons more!

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Bidders Spend Big For Einstein, JKF, Lincoln and More!

An eight-page manuscript draft for a scientific paper signed by Albert Einstein was the sale’s top lot, bringing $180,000 (est. $120,000/180,000). The subject is his unified field theory, which was an attempt to unify his general theory of relativity with Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism. The latter theory was named for the 19th-century Scottish physicist and mathematician James Clerk Maxwell. On the first page of the circa 1930 draft, Einstein characterizes the work as being the “result of an unpublished investigation, performed by myself and Mr. W. Mayer…”—i.e., mathematician Walther Mayer, known as “Einstein’s calculator.”

signed manuscript

Ask The Experts: What Are My Jackie Robinson and Ronald Reagan-Signed Baseballs Worth?

I have a total collection of about 120 autographed balls — from single-signed to 36 signatures on a ball.

One is a ball autographed at the 1969 Centennial of Baseball cocktail party by 20 Hall of Famers. From 1962 through 1968, I was the stadium announcer for the Washington Senators (before, during, and after law school). In 1969, I asked Bob Addie (of the Washington Post) if he needed any help with distributing press credentials. In return, he got me into the cocktail party before the huge dinner that night. And I walked around getting signatures on one ball. (Would that I had had the foresight to bring a box of balls.) The ball was also signed by Roy Campanella’s health-keeper, who signed “Campy.” I’m sorry now that I got Frank Borman to sign, but he was an American hero in his own right, having just returned from circling the Moon. While he adds a story to the ball, I would suspect that his signature probably detracts in some manner from the ball’s value.

signed baseball


Remember the days of collecting baseball cards? If you’re too young for those days, there was a time when we would head to stores weekly, maybe even daily, to buy baseball card packs hoping to find a super valuable and rare card. Forget the rock-hard gum stick that crumbled in your hand (and mouth if you dared to eat it), it was all about nabbing a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card, trading with friends and spending time looking up the values of your cards.

Well, baseball card values have bottomed out and your 1987 Topps complete set (still the coolest looking in my opinion with that wooden background) might get you $60. Only extremely rare cards matter anymore, and apparently Kris Bryant is set to amaze us again… this time with his baseball card. kris-bryant-2013-mug

Actor Tom Felton meets Harry Potter superfans… including the obsessed woman, 56, who has followed him around the world for the past 15 years

From Twilight to Star Wars, fans of sci fi and fantasy franchises are known for their levels of dedication. They immerse themselves in the world of their favourite characters by dressing up as them, collecting the merchandise and even going to conventions to meet others who share their passion.

But some take it even further than this, spending thousands of pounds and travelling the world in pursuit of the actors who brought their favourite character to life.

It’s something actor Tom Felton, 27, is familiar with having grown up on screen playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series.

tom felton super fan

2015 Rittenhouse Buffy the Vampire Slayer Ultimate Collector’s Set Trading Cards

Inkworks had a lot of success with their Buffy the Vampire Slayer trading card line. However, one thing alluded them through its many Buffy-themed releases, an autograph from the show’s lead and face of the franchise, Sarah Michelle Gellar. 2015 Rittenhouse Buffy the Vampire Slayer Ultimate Collector’s Set finally makes the once impossible happen.

buffy the vampire slayer cast yelling sarah michelle gellar

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson shares emotional story of meeting fan with cancer on Easter

Many celebrities shared their Easter celebrations on social media, but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had a particularly poignant experience Sunday.

The “Furious 7” actor posted a sweet story on Instagram about meeting one of his biggest fans, a young man fighting cancer.

dwayne the rock johnson meeting fan

Music Legend Brian Wilson Meets Fans, Signs Copies of New Album at Fingerprints

Three and a half years after visiting Long Beach’s Fingerprints Records and signing copies of his album “Smile,” Brian Wilson returned to the shop last night to greet a huge throng of fans, many of them holding copies of his newly released album “No Pier Pressure.”

“The man is a genius,” said Long Beach musician Glen Banks while waiting in line to meet the Kennedy Center Award-winning singer/composer. ” I know that word gets tossed around a lot: This guy qualifies, and if you study music long enough, you come to the conclusion that this man is essential.”101_0095

Taylor Swift May Be Right About the Death of the Autograph
But some people now want their selfies signed

This is not quite true. As Businessweek points out, Swift is regularly spotted signing autographs for fans, and she sells signed merchandise on her website. But she may have a point about the decline of the autograph in general.

“It is absolutely true that there’s less demand for autographs,” says Michael Hecht, a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley who, for the past ten years, has also served as president of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club (UACC), one of the largest autograph societies in the world. “There’s a diminishing demand for print journalism. There’s a diminishing demand for stamps. There’s a diminishing demand for autographs.”

Taylor Swift_who me shocked rare crying nastly little bitch rare

Hoffman goes from autograph seeker to opening-round 67 at Masters

Charley Hoffman started so early, he warmed up with legends. He finished so quickly, he might have been tempted to ask to play an extra nine at the twilight rate.

In only his second start at the Masters, Hoffman went from collecting autographs to signing the scorecard of a lifetime, while providing the perfect transition from the Masters ceremonial tee shots to the tournament itself.ows_142863234224369

SI autograph hound: Kate Upton an ‘ugly human being’

For the past 33 years, Scott Smith has fanatically hunted the signatures of anyone who has been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The 50-year-old retired investment banker owns the world’s largest collection of signed SI covers — approximately 94 percent of the magazines issued weekly since 1954 — which he values at around $2 million.

Kate Upton

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