Fanboy News! Kirsten Dunst Selfish Selfies Short! Agony Of Autograph Prices! Tampa Fanboy Expo! What Fans Say To Celebrities! And More!

It’s Fanboy News from around the world…

There’s some fun stuff today you should totally check out! A fun recap from the Tampa Fanboy Expo, and more price gouging from special meet and greets. I’m talking $3,000 for Derek Jeter! Doh! Talk about breaking the bank.

AND! Kristen Dunst has done a fun short about selfies and what it’s like on the other side. It’s only a couple minutes and a fun watch! Oh God, how many times did I do this?

Check it out below!


Agony, ecstasy of autograph seeking

For $3,000, you got two tickets to the interview, lunch, a photo with Jeter and an autographed baseball.

For $2,000, you got two tickets, lunch and a photo. No autographed baseball.

For $149, you got one ticket upstairs in the balcony. No food. No photo. No autograph. But you had an excellent view of rich people posing for photos with Jeter and getting his autograph.

derek jeter signing autographs

Trash or Treasure: Striking out with Mantle autograph

“Sometime about 1957, the New York Yankees were in town to play the Tigers, and I was with two women downtown near Cunningham’s Drug Store. I saw a young man standing against a wall. We thought we recognized Al Kaline, so I went up to him, and it turned out to be Mickey Mantle!”

Mahlin and her friend gathered signatures from Mantle and others on a small child’s mitt that was given out as a souvenir at the time. “I used to have one of these,” Anderson told the Tigers’ fan. “It’s definitely from the 1950s.”

Micky Mantle signed autograph glove

Watch Kirsten Dunst’s Short Film About How Selfish Selfies Are

Matthew Frost created a two-minute short film called Aspirational, featuring Kirsten Dunst. In the video, two teens spot Dunst and immediately shove their faces next to hers to capture a quick selfie — without so much as a “How are ya?” or an “I loved you in Melancholia.”

kirsten dunst selfish selfie photos

Celebrities Reveal What Fans Say When They Meet Them, Will Make You Feel Embarrassed To Be A Normal

Vanity Fair recently sat down with various celebrities at the Toronto International Film Festival and asked them to reveal what fans have said upon running into them on the street. It’s embarrassing, to say the least. Turns out “normals” aren’t always that normal. In fact, they’re often pretty weird. Last week we asked you to tell us your favorite celebrity encounters. Hopefully none of you did the kind of stuff described in this video. If you did, I’m about to mail you some serious side-eye. Do you think I’ll need two stamps? It’s a little heavy. Hmm.

What people say to Jen Garner

At Fanboy Expo Tampa, the fans are the show

The celebrities — stars who made their names for everything from The Six Million Dollar Man to The Walking Dead — are the draw, but really the fans are the show.

Saturday’s edition of the three-day event, expected to draw a total of 5,000 people, turned the Hilton Tampa Downtown into a pop-culture jukebox.

Scott Wilson fan photo signing autographs The Walking Dead season 4 q and a television academy 110

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