Fanboy News! Marshawn Lynch A Menace To Autograph Collectors! Daniel Radcliffe Asked To Sign What!?! Eli Manning Autograph Scandal! And More!

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Some cool stuff this week, Damn Marshawn Lynch ruthless to autograph seekers, Eli Manning autograph scandal and more!

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Marshawn Lynch is a menace to autograph seekers

Be careful of asking Marshawn Lynch for an autograph. Your phone and pride may pay the price.The retired running back, who has been mulling a potential return to the NFL, did not take kindly to some autograph-seeking fans, smacking the cellphone out of one person’s hands and spitting in both men’s directions after landing at Los Angeles International Airport, according to TMZ. The two teenage men had approached Lynch on Monday after someone on Lynch’s flight tipped them off to when he was landing.

Pawn Stars Expert Appraiser Talks Rare Autographs, How to Spot Forgeries and the Worst Fake He’s Ever Seen

Steve Grad is the go-to appraiser of autographed items on A&E’s hit show, Pawn Stars. The Professional Sports Authenticator has been interested in famous autographs since he was 8 years old. That’s when caught the autograph-collecting bug from his aunt and his grandmother, who had met Herbert Hoover and Jackie Robinson. Grad got his first autograph from Richard Dotson, who pitched for the Chicago White Sox from 1979-1987. And it’s still in his collection today.

Fake natalie portman signed autograph hologram premiere posters marvel 1

Eli Manning Is In The Middle Of An Autograph Scandal

Eli Manning might be in some hot water. The New York Post brings word that the veteran New York Giants quarterback has been accused of falsifying game-worn items for the memorabilia circuit and the evidence could be damning. Both player and organization were named in a civil racketeering suit back in 2014 and Manning’s involvement now has the following detail associated with it.

Eli Manning signed Autograph football card PSA

Dreams come true as fans meet their favourite F1 drivers

It was a dream come true moment for many racing fans today as they got a chance to meet their favourite F1 drivers during an autograph session at the 2017 Formula One Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix.

The session was held at at BIC’s Formula One Village vending area, right next to the Main Stage.

On the autograph trail with Malik Monk

Malik Monk was in Louisville on Tuesday night, as he travels the state for his autograph tour. Hundreds of fans lined up around the block to meet Monk, including one familiar face. Bradley McKee has more:

You Won’t Believe What This Fan Got Daniel Radcliffe To Sign

It’s not every day that you meet a celebrity and it’s not every day that you just so happen to have something incredible for a celebrity to sign. But that’s exactly what happened when the stars perfectly aligned for a Daniel Radcliffe super fan.

Daniel Radcliffe walk of fame star ceremony signing autographs 1

Sean Waltman Tells a Wild Shawn Stasiak Story, Talks Signing Autographs While He Was Homeless, When HHH Finally Found Him & More

X-Pac was signing autographs while being homeless:

“I was broke, I was homeless…try being homeless when you’re fucking world famous and you’re fucking sleeping in your car and somebody knocks on your window and asks you for your autograph…try that.”

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