Fanboy News! Morrissey Refuses To Sign Autograph Because He Has Ebola! LA Fanfest Tickets! Vandals Steal Hillary Clinton Autograph! And More!

It’s the fanboy news from around the world!

Some interesting news today. Morrissey refuses to sign autographs because he has… Ebola. Okay… Harry Styles odd autographs, Helen Keller autograph found in a Japanese book, LA Fanjets tickets and more!

Check it out below!


Harry Styles’ Latest Autographs Are Giving Us Life

Harry Styles has a way with words…as seen in some of his seriously awesome autographs lately. And, of course, they’ve found their way online because who wouldn’t be bragging about getting a heartfelt note from Harry?

Most fans would be thrilled to bits just to have any of the One Direction guys’ signatures on a piece of merch or paper, but this one goes above and beyond. Frame that stuff and never, ever let it go, you impossibly lucky fan.

harry styles autograph

Autograph of Helen Keller found in Japanese book

It is believed that Keller, an American who devoted herself to social welfare activities despite having lost her vision and hearing as a child, signed the book when she visited Japan for the first time in 1937.

Keller visited Japan on three occasions. It is rare for her autograph to be newly discovered in Japan, according to one source.

helen keller autograph

Vandals Cut Hillary Clinton’s Autograph From Copies of Her Memoir

Book vandals are targeting Hillary Clinton’s newest memoir at Strand Book Store by slicing out her autograph from signed, first-edition copies, the manager said.

Thirteen signed, first-edition copies of “Hard Choices” — which details the former first lady’s tenure as secretary of state — have been defaced so far, marketing manager Brianne Sperber said.

hard choices signed autograph hillary rodham clinton

Morrissey Tells a Fan He Can’t Sign an Autograph Because ‘He Has Ebola’

Morrissey seems like a great guy. According to a post on the Morrissey fan site Morrissey-Solo, a fan spotted the Debbie Downer of a singer at LAX in Los Angeles and asked for an autograph. Morrissey said he couldn’t because he had Ebola. Or, as the poster put it:

I met morrissey tonight but unfortunately his bodyguard would not allow me to take a picture and when I asked morrissey for his autograph he told me he couldn’t because he has ebola…. typical morrissey answer… still exciting though

Morrissey Deal of Week

Charlie Sheen Slams Kim Kardashian For Refusing To Sign Autograph For Young Fan, Calls Her Booty “Gross”

Charlie Sheen isn’t one to sugar coat his true feelings, and the actor let his distaste for Kim Kardashian be known in his latest Twitter rant, in which he slammed the reality star for refusing to sign an autograph for a young fan. The Hollywood bad boy even took it so far as to insult her famous derriere in the process!

charlie sheen two and a half men signed autograph photo rare promo rare texas tour of truth promo hot rare ferris bueller

Iggy Azalea Feeling Charitable, Gives Autograph To Homeless Man

Mid-pump, Azalea was approached by a homeless man. What exactly did the indigent man say to her? We don’t know, but according to the Daily Mail, Iggy was “touched by his particular plight.”

With onlookers surrounding, Iggy, who was born Amethyst Kelly, took out one $20 bill. The star then autographed it on the back of the homeless man. The homeless man then posed, smiling a somewhat toothless smile, with “his one-of-a-kind prize.”

Iggy Azalea signing autographs in london Inside llewyn davis lff premiere red carpet (6)

Autograph-session tickets for LA FanFest on sale

A limited number of autograph-session tickets for the Jan. 31 FanFest at Dodger Stadium are on sale online for $20 via

An autograph-session ticket is required to obtain autographs at FanFest. All autograph-session-ticket proceeds will benefit the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF). Donations will support LADF programs and provide assistance to community organizations in the area of education and literacy, health and wellness and sports and recreation.

Yasiel Puig los angeles dodgers baseball player rare headshot autograph signing

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