Fanboy News! Autograph Prices: Is $200 The New $20? Ozzy’s Craziest Fan Experience! Kobe’s Yearbook Sold For WHAT! And More!

It’s Fanboy News and it’s all the news that’s fit to print!

Ozzy Osbourne’s crazy fan experience, autograph prices are out of control and more!

Joe Burrow’s autograph starts at $199 at upcoming Mall of Louisiana signing

Jordan Palmer talked to Albert Breer on the MMQB NFL podcast about the “pandemonium” Joe Burrow deals with regularly, including countless autograph seekers. And when you see what Burrow’s apparently very valuable signature costs at an upcoming event at a mall in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it makes more sense.

Burrow, Edwards-Helaire, Jefferson set for autograph signing with high prices

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, the winner of the Heisman Trophy and MVP of the College Football Playoff National Championship, will headline an autograph signing at the Mall of Louisiana.The event will be held Saturday, April 4. It will also feature wide receiver Justin Jefferson and running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. The exact times have not yet been announced.


2020 Rittenhouse Star Treak: TOS Archives and Inscriptions continues with the company’s recent string of sets where inscribed autographs play a central role. However, this time around, it’s also creating a major adjustment to its base set.


A fan named Carolina Tavano mentioned how huge community Ozzy had in music industry and said, “You’re considered a huge icon in the music industry and you have a massive fanbase around the world, I’m sure you met so many fans and have some really interesting stories to tell, can you give us some examples of the craziest experiences with fans you’ve ever had? Hope I get to meet you someday it’d be a dream come true.”

I am ozzy book cover ozzy osbourne

5 Things Fans Shouldn’t Do When Meeting Famous Actors (& They Should)

Can you imagine bumping with Tom Hanks in a grocery store or with Jennifer Lawrence in a bar? Meeting a celebrity can make anyone nervous, even if you are not a huge fan of that person. It is natural if you want to make the best of that moment and also have a great history to tell later to your friends. However, it is crucial to remember that they are still human beings, and they will not always be in the mood to give you the attention you deserve.

Fans Confused By Garth Brooks’ ‘Sanders’ Shirt

Some fans of country star Garth Brooks were upset after he wore a Barry Sanders jersey to his Detroit concert last week. They thought it was a political statement.

Kobe Bryant’s middle school yearbook signature expected to auction for more than $20,000

A Kobe Bryant autograph is going up for auction, but it is not your typical signature from an athlete. This autograph is actually a yearbook message from a young eighth grade Kobe. A 1992 Bala Cynwyd Middle School yearbook will be sold at Iconic Auctions and is expected to bring in a large chunk of change.

‘Mo Bamba’ Rapper Shares Golden State Warriors Star Pushed Him When He Asked For Autograph

Rapper Sheck Wes recently posted on his social media about something that happened when he was one of those people who just wanted to get an autograph of their basketball heroes. The player that he name-dropped has not played this season and is expected to return in the 2021 NBA season.

We found the man who got Bert ‘The Machine’ Kreischer’s autograph tattooed in Evansville

Standup comedian Bert Kreischer had an unusual fan request following his performance at the Old National Events Plaza this weekend.A Vincennes man, David Clem, who attended the show asked Kreischer to sign his bare chest, on a spur-of-the-moment bet from his friends. Kreischer obliged, and off the shirt went — and that was just the beginning of things.

Max Verstappen: “I Never Understand Why People Want an Autograph!”

“I never understand why people want an autograph or a picture!” he says, adding that it is a nice gesture from fans of course, but that he just doesn’t view himself as a role model.

How much did someone pay for Trump’s autograph on impeachment report?

President Donald Trump may have let a money-making opportunity slip through his fingers.A presidential autograph, scrawled on a copy of a congressional report urging Trump’s impeachment, sold at auction for $66,000, a South Jersey firm said Saturday.

The Autograph Tree

Now a nature reserve, Coole Park was the country estate of Irish writer and folklorist Lady Augusta Gregory, who also co-founded the famous Abbey Theatre in Dublin. Lady Gregory, being an important figure of the early 20th century Irish Literary Revival, created at her home in Galway an idyllic getaway, where she and her friends could escape and find inspiration amid nature.

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