Fanboy News! Chris Martin Unloads On Graphers! Patrick Stewart Loves Trekkies! JB SMOOVE “I’m No Larry David!” and More!

It’s Fanboy News!

Chris Martin unloads on graphers, Patrick Stewart shows some love to Trekkies and more!

Long lines at Pro Bowl to get Jackson’s autograph, picture

Baltimore cornerback Marlon Humphrey was signing autographs following Pro Bowl practice Thursday and wrapping up an interview when his sister jumped in with a desperate request.“You have to help mom,” she said.“What’s up?” he asked.


The legendary late star of Queen, Freddie Mercury’s biggest fan page on social media, FreddieMercuryClub, has continued to share some really rare photos of Freddie Mercury on their official Instagram account.In the photos, Freddie Mercury was signing an autograph for the interviewer of ‘Music Live,’ and he also wrote a little message to that classy woman.

Star Trek: Picard – Trekkies Are The Best Fans of all!

Fans of Star Trek, or ‘Trekkies’, are notorious for their zeal. (I count myself among the most rabid of them. Although I’ve only ever dressed up as Spock, once.) In a sense, Trekkies were the original geek superfans, turning up en masse for conventions and meetings, and hotly debating minutiae of the scripts of the original Gene Roddenberry series (1966-9) as if they were far more pressing than reality itself. As Kevin Lyons of the British Film Institute, says in his history of trekking, “Star Trek was the first of the media-led fandoms, the ‘mother fandom’ from which all similar followings sprang.”


Chris Martin tore a group of autograph hounds a new one for being way too aggressive in trying to get him to scribble on their crap … a trend that’s becoming more common.The Coldplay frontman was fuming Monday night after a charity performance he did at the Palladium in L.A. for a prison reform org. He certainly wasn’t in the mood for a stop-and-sign after what seemed to be a relatively bumpy set … where he forgot his lyrics.

Launch of ‘Signature Saturdays’ for Detroit Tigers fans begins with access event in District Detroit

Detroit Tigers fans will welcome a new tradition – Signature Saturdays, a free autograph signing event happening in The District Detroit on Saturday, Jan. 25.Going forward, Signature Saturdays will take place every Saturday before home games at Comerica Park during the 2020 season.


JB Smoove had something to prove on the streets of New York — he ain’t as grouchy as Larry David is with autograph seekers, and we know this because he put pen to flesh.We got the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Wednesday afternoon as he was greeted by a swarm of fans and autograph hounds chirping for signatures. JB kept it pretty real with them, saying he couldn’t sign all of ’em. He held firm too.

Star Wars: Anthony Daniels Warns Fans of Autograph Forgeries

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was released last month, and a handful of the film’s cast members have been very active on social media since the movie hit theaters. While most of the posts from the cast have been fun-loving Star Wars content, some are also warnings. Earlier this week, Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the franchise, warned fans of fake social media accounts using his name. Now, Anthony Daniels, who plays C-3PO, is warning people of autograph forgeries. Daniels took to Twitter this week to share an example of a fake autograph and link to a website that lists any forgeries his team has discovered.

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