Fanboy News! Getting Autographs At The Pro-Am! Steve Martin! Mickey Mantle Memories! Tennis Star Rescues Fan in Distress! And More!

It’s Fanboy News!

Steve Martin on SNL! Getting graphs at the pro-Am and more!

Check it out below!

Topher Grace Recalls That Time Steve Martin Brought Everyone Together on SNL

The opening begins with cast members Chris Farley and Victoria Jackson finding Martin backstage mindlessly flipping through a magazine. Martin seems less than interested in the show or doing a good job, but his mood changes after Farley asks him to autograph an old piece of wardrobe that turns out to be Martin’s old King Tut costume. “I remember this,” he says. “This was back when the show meant something. Back when I used to care.”

Steve Martin is an asshole 6

Getting autographs is a big part of the Pro-Am

Louie and Perry Santangelo waited patiently. Louie, 10, turned around, seeking some advice from his dad, Lou.”What do I do,” Louie asked. After taking a deep breath and one last look around, Louie made his move.”Mr. Rudolph,” he said, speaking to Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph. “Can I please have your autograph?”

Kurt Angle Belittles His Own Autograph Experience (VIDEO)

Kurt Angle put up an Instagram post in which he pokes fun at his task of signing a mass number of preset autographs.In the video, Kurt Angle is drinking milk while singing “this sucks” in perfect timing with his signature on each autograph. The video can be found below:

Nine of the Best Things to Do at Denver Pop Culture Con

There will be a lot that’s familiar at Denver Pop Culture Con this year; after all, this is the same convention that used to be called Denver Comic Con, the nerdalicious institution for comics fans, gamers, celebrity-autograph hunters, artist and author aficionados, cosplay connoisseurs, and anyone that just loves all things good and geeky. But there’s also — as always — something new to see around every corner, and the convention has grown to a point that there are almost too many corners to peer around. It’s an embarrassment of pop-culture riches.

Answer Man: The day Mickey Mantle came to Springfield and the Willard scout who signed him

Answer Man: Many of my younger friends don’t believe that store openings once were big deals. In fact, they doubt that baseball legend Mickey Mantle once came to a Dillons grocery store at St. Louis Street and National Avenue. But he did. On that day, I obtained an autographed ball and autographed photo for my dad. Can you provide a date and maybe a picture so I can prove this really happened? — Shelly Melton, of Springfield

Beautiful moment tennis star rescues young fan in distress

Swiss star Stan Wawrinka has melted hearts at the French Open after a lovely act for a young boy reduced to tears in the stands.The small boy was part of a large crowd contingent gathered at the front of the stands, clamouring for an autograph or souvenir.

Meet the New Orleans Saints Fan Behind This Incredible Tattoo

On Wednesday night, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees posted a photograph to his Instagram account. The man in the picture had a massive fleur-de-lis tattoo in the center of his back, surrounded by signatures from Saints players over the last decade. But it was Brees, the future Hall of Fame quarterback and MVP of Super Bowl XLIV, who was next on the list.


These include some autographs in 2013 Topps 75th Anniversary. The first, and most common, is part of the product’s main autograph lineup. Julia Nickson, who played freedom fighter and love interest Co, signed for the set.

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