Fanboy News! Rory McIlroy’s Autograph Snub! O.J. Simpson’s Secret Autograph Signing! Celebrity Stories! And More!

It’s Fanboy News!

Which means there’s some interesting things happening! Rory McIlroy is still mad about an autograph snub, O.J. is out of prison but involved in a secret autograph signing, and more!

Check it out below!

Rory McIlroy: Roy Keane refusing to sign an autograph has stayed with him

Rory McIlroy remembers the day Roy Keane refused to give him an autograph.And that is why the four-time major champion is determined to not leave any of his fans disappointed when they ask for a signature.Northern Irishman McIlroy made a young fan’s day at last week’s British Masters by handing over his golf ball.

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Garth Brooks fan on quest to get autograph on 1996 ticket stub

Thousands of music fans will flock to Bankers Life Fieldhouse for this weekend’s Garth Brooks concerts, but one fan has a special plea for the country star.Lindsay Ray of Indianapolis was just 11 years old when she attended her first-ever concert – Brooks’ performance at Market Square Arena on March 28, 1996. It was the last time Brooks performed Indianapolis until his return this week.


O.J. Simpson’s having no problem finding work after prison … he’s already back in the autograph biz, and that could be a BIG problem.Check out the pic, showing O.J. singing a ton of memorabilia in a private room at a Las Vegas hotel Tuesday night, and he plans to do the same Wednesday night. We’re told he was in the room for 2 hours signing a variety of items, including USC and Buffalo Bills helmets.

How You Can Learn To Detect A George Washington Autograph Forgery

One of the most forged autographs in American history is that of George Washington. Many a forger has taken a pen to that majestic signature of America’s most famous founding father and first President. The reason is simple: his autograph is worth a lot of money (tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars), and money happens to be the primary motivations of forgers.

Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan join inaugural Ace Comic Con Arizona

Captain America himself, otherwise known as actor Chris Evans, and Tom Holland, the actor who played Spiderman in Spider-Man: Homecoming, will visit Glendale early next year for a new comic con experience.

They will be joined by Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier, Captain America) Anthony Mackie (Falcon, Captain America), Hayley Atwell (Agent Peggy Carter, Captain America), Laura Harrier (Liz, Spider-Man: Homecoming) and Jacob Batalon (Ned, Spider-Man: Homecoming), according to a news release.

Comments: Have you met someone famous – and what happened?

Famous golfer Rory McIlory has said that Manchester United legend Roy Keane refused to give him an autograph when he was a child.
He said that, because of this, he will never refuse to sign a child’s autograph.
This got us thinking – have you met anyone famous and, if so, who was it? Did you talk to them? Pose for a selfie? Or did they refuse to talk to you?

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David Hasselhoff: ‘Whatever I do, I tell myself: I am good. Fake it till you make it’

I found my wife while I was doing Britain’s Got Talent in Cardiff. She walked out of a bar with her sister and said: “Can I have an autograph?” I said: “You have a boyfriend?” She said no. I said if she gave me her number, I’d give her an autograph. I never use that line, but I just knew. It was love at first sight. I felt sick inside. I was like: “God, if this one gets away, you’re dead.” She’s 27 years younger, but it’s fine. I’m 27 years younger in my heart anyway.

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