Fanboy News! Shawn Mendes Berates A Male Fan After He Asks For An Autograph! Danica Patrick Doesn’t Like Getting Booed! Adam West’s Final Batsignal! And More!

It’s Fanboy News!

Shawn Mendes berates a male fan after he asks for an autograph, LaVar Ball signs an autograph deal, Danica Patrick doesn’t like getting booed and more!

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LaVar Ball reportedly signs autograph deal for trading cards that will sell on eBay

LaVar Ball is a 48-year-old basketball has-been, but that hasn’t affected his market value in the autograph business. According to a report from ESPN, the outspoken father of potential top three NBA Draft pick Lonzo Ball has signed an autograph deal with Leaf Trading Cards in which he has agreed to sign 200 cards with his name and face on them.Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but the cards will sell on eBay starting on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. ET for a cool $59.95 a pop, Leaf CEO Brian Gray told ESPN.

WATCH: Shawn Mendes Proves He’s A Bad Boy At Heart After This Argument With An Autograph Hunter

If you’ve learned one thing today, it is to NEVER get on Shawn Mendes’ bad side.Shawny boy must get swamped by hundreds of fans every day asking for selfies and autographs. So, the question is, how do you separate the genuine ones from the fakes?

13 autograph-collecting tips

We offer a variety of reminders to keep in mind if you’re interested in collecting baseball autographs:* The two main places to seek autographs are the home team’s stadium (in Cleveland, it’s outside the players lot at East 9th Street and Carnegie Avenue) and the visiting team’s hotel downtown. You’ll have to get used to players’ arrival and departure gadot signing autographs Wonder Woman Premiere gal gadot signing autographs meeting fans 21

Danica Patrick responds to boos at Pocono: ‘I’m a ‘f— person’

No one likes to be booed. Most people want to be liked, and even if they aren’t liked, they don’t want to hear about it.

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick heard some fans voice their dislike Friday at Pocono.

When one fan approached her on pit road for an autograph, he was stopped by security as Patrick continued to walk by.

Batsignal Shines Bright for Adam West as Fans and Batman Costars Gather at L.A. Memorial Event

For a few hours on Thursday, Los Angeles stood in for Gotham City as thousands of Bat-fans lined the streets to pay tribute to the late Batman actor Adam West as the famed Batsignal was projected upon L.A.’s City Hall tower.

Burt Ward, who co-starred as the Caped Crusader’s teen sidekick Robin alongside West on on the phenomenally popular and slyly campy 1960s TV series, was on hand to celebrate the life of his longtime friend along with West’s wife Marcelle, his children and other members of his family.

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