Fanboy News! Stars Getting Rich Off Cons! Bruce Campbell Shows How To Sign A Breast! CA Autograph Law Not Applicable To Book Sellers?

This is a great Fanboy News because so much has happened this week. Whew… First, there’s a great article in the Hollywood Reporter about how much stars make at cons. Garbage bags of $20 bills! Damn… The CA autograph law doesn’t apply to booksellers it seems and who doesn’t love Bruce Campbell?

Check it out below!

Stars Getting Rich Off Fan Conventions: How to Take Home “Garbage Bags Full of $20s”

One effect of superhero culture: a proliferation of fan events where Marvel movie heroes and ‘Walking Dead’ stars walk away with six figures (more than most get paid for their real jobs) for a weekend’s work.It’s like a scene from Blow or Goodfellas: a room full of money with professional cash counters.” This isn’t a description of a drug den or casino cage. It’s the backroom of a fan festival, says one producer familiar with such events, where thousands of die-hards — many in costume — pay admission to fork over bigger bucks for autographs and photos with their favorite stars. And nearly all of this money is going into the pockets of talent big and small who, in many cases, now can earn more from weekend fan events than from the shows and movies making them famous.

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Autograph hunting Fitzpatrick relishes being on big stage

Eight months after chasing Ryder Cup veteran Sergio Garcia for an autograph like a hero-worshipping adolescent, Matt Fitzpatrick goes into this week’s team event as the youngest of the 24 players on view.The 22-year-old Englishman acknowledges his debut appearance in the greatest rivalry in golf has come a lot earlier than he thought it would but he is excited to be involved as Europe look to beat the United States for the fourth edition in a row.

Matt Fitzpatrick

The time I got Arnold Palmer’s autograph

How could one person mean so much to so many?As the tributes and accolades poured forth after the death of Arnold Palmer on Sunday, that was the question begged.He touched so many people, in so many walks of life, all over the globe, that the effect of his presence became staggering.

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Sports Collectibles Case Illustrates Dangers of Autograph Sales

A sports fan is short for sports fanatic, a truism for the more ardent supporters of the myriad pro and other organized teams in the sporting world. Many fans want a part of their sports heroes for their own, with autographs being a longtime desirable collectible. Unfortunately, unscrupulous types recognize that desire and try to fill that need with bogus merchandise.

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Bruce Campbell And The Proper Way To Autograph A Breast

Ash vs Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell visited Conan O’Brien last night where the topic of autographing a woman’s breast came up. Usually reserved for rock stars, Campbell gets a high number of such requests and has the whole thing down to a science which he demonstrates on Andy Richter. It seems to be all about the surface tension. I’ve never been asked to sign in such a way, but if I ever am, I’m not confident I can do it right. You have to admire the man’s professionalism.

Store owner cancels NFL autograph signing after national anthem protest

When Stephen Martin, the owner of Prime Time Sports in Colorado Springs, Colorado, heard about Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall’s refusal to stand for the national anthem in protest of racial inequality in the United States, he immediately canceled the football player’s scheduled appearance and autograph signing at his store.

California Passes Law That Could Make Getting Any Autographed Book or Art in the State Very Difficult [UPDATED]

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law this month Assembly Bill 1570, masquerading as some light consumer protection, expanding an existing law that applied just to sports memorabilia to all autographed items. It could if fully enforced squash, among other things, the practice of author book events in the state.The bill, in its own language, demands that “all autographed items” in the state sold by a dealer (defined as “a person who is in the business of selling or offering for sale collectibles in or from this state, or a person who by his or her occupation holds himself or herself out as having knowledge or skill peculiar to collectibles”) for more than $5 (that’s five) come with a signed, dated, in at least 10-point boldfaced type “certificate of authenticity to the consumer at the time of sale.”

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José Fernández Once Asked a Crying Young Fan for His Autograph

Before José Fernández announced to the world that he was becoming a father, the late Miami Marlins pitcher showed off his paternal side when he deftly comforted a boy he saw crying in the stands. Instagram user @lunchtimegraphs posted a sweet video of Fernández approaching the boy and asking for his autograph – while also offering up his own.

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