Fanboy News! Fans “Go Fishing” For Stephen Curry’s Autograph! Referee Gets Signatures! Selfie Culture Shock And More!

It’s the Fanboy News of the week!

There’s some fun things this week. A father and son team “fish” for Stephen Curry’s autograph, A referee gets autographs? and an inside look at our selfie culture!

Check it out below!

Fans Go ‘Fishing’ for Stephen Curry’s Autograph Outside of 76ers’ Arena

As many autographs as Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has signed in his career, he’s probably never seen anything like what he saw Friday night in Philadelphia.The Warriors are in the City of Brotherly Love for a game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday . When Curry arrived at the Wells Fargo Center for practice Friday night, there was a father-son duo waiting for him above the players’ entrance.

Referee asks Ronaldinho for his autograph in the middle of a match

An entire YouTube compilation is dedicated to adoring fans showing their love for the former Barcelona legend who is treated like a god back home in Brazil.And during Ronaldinho’s one-night-only appearance for Barcelona de Ecuador against San Martin, the referee couldn’t resist asking his hero for an autograph.

Young fan perfects system for NHL All-Star autographs

Ryan Wiehe, a 13-year-old from St. Louis, carries a small fortune of autographed pictures, cards and posters of NHL stars in his backpack through Nashville.Attending his third All-Star weekend as a lifelong NHL fan, Wiehe and his parents have perfected a system of getting just the right autograph in the best format.

Amazing autograph collection of luxury liner steward goes up for auction

AN extraordinary autograph collection containing the signatures of the cream of Hollywood and high society in the 1950s has emerged at a routine auctioneer’s valuation day.

Walt Disney Autograph

How a Single Autograph Changed New York Giants QB Eli Manning Forever

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has been named one of three finalists for the 2015 Walter Payton Man of the Year Award and rightfully so. Manning has long been heavily involved in various charities all across the country — each of which has been well documented.

Eli Manning

Is Selfie Culture Helping or Hurting Our Feelings of Self-Worth?

Late last year, Instagram star Essena O’Neill “quit Instagram.” She deleted most of her photos, and in the posts that remained, she detailed how fake her Instagram-famous life really was.“For this photo I hardly ate for a week,” the 19-year-old says in one post. “I bought this bikini just for this photo. I posed for hours until the photo was perfect.” In another, she quips, “This is what I like to call a perfectly contrived candid shot …”

The World Premiere Of Marvel's "Ant-Man" - Red Carpet

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