Fanboy News! Face Tattoo Gets Free Season Tickets? Fake Autographs Getting Worse! Michelle Obama Has Sweet Autograph Exchange! And More!

Boom! It’s Fanboy news!

Some crazy things this week! Fake Autographs get worse! A Face Tattoo gets free tickets and more!

Check it out below!

JuJu Smith-Schuster Gives Season Tickets to Fan After He Gets JuJu’s Autograph Tattooed on His Head

On Sunday evening JuJu Smith-Schuster shared his intent to fulfill a promise to a Steelers fan who had already sacrificed the right side of his cranium to get a giant Steelers logo inked onto his head. As stated by a Bleacher Report tweet, Smith-Schuster said he’d gift the fan, identified as Joel Schock, season tickets if said tattoo enthusiast also got Smith-Schuster’s signature permanently etched onto his dome. Say no more:

Spot famous folks’ scrawls in the backstage “Autograph Room” at this legendary San Francisco venue

Earlier this week, I bought tickets to see a concert in September (Gogol Bordello!) and wanted to see the view from our seats. I discovered that the venue, San Francisco’s legendary Warfield, has a terrific 360-degree virtual tour of the entire theater, backstage and all. It’s a bit of a rabbit hole but totally worth a look. Not only can you see the view of the stage from anywhere in the theater but you can also visit its green room (spacious), “Jerry’s Room” (Jerry Garcia’s “second home”), and this Autograph Room. The theater calls it a “hidden gem” and it sure is! Zoom in closely to the walls (and ceiling) to try and spot the Sharpie-d art and autographs of famous people you know. I was able to find both Penn and Teller’s and Beck’s fairly easily.

Michelle Obama Has Sweetest Autograph Exchange With Tennis Prodigy Coco Gauff

U.S. tennis prodigy Cori “Coco” Gauff on Thursday tweeted she was “SPEECHLESS” after meeting her “idol,” former first lady Michelle Obama:

Autograph Authenticator Steve Grad Says Forgers Getting Creative

It’s National week in Chicago and Beckett’s Steve Grad is a very busy guy. You couldn’t tell that he’d just flown back to his home city from an event in London. The hobby’s biggest event kept his energy level somewhat akin to a third grader at recess.

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Sam Darnold signs a Jets fan’s speeding ticket, jokes about getting in trouble for the autograph

Sports fans often have odd requests when it comes to what they ask athletes to sign, and Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was met with a predicament with his latest autograph request. At training camp, a fan asked the 22-year-old to sign their speeding ticket, but Darnold was not exactly sure if he should comply.

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