Fanboy News! Waiting 60 Years To Meet Favorite Star! Michael Jordan Spells The Presidents Name Wrong On Autograph! And More!

It’s the fanboy news, all the happenings that are fit to print.

We have Michael Jordan signing an autograph for the president and spelling his name wrong, a woman waits 60 years to meet her favorite baseball player, Todd Gurley speaks out on the autograph controversy, and more!

Check it out below!

Todd Gurley admits autograph fiasco was a ‘dumb mistake’

Back in October, then-Heisman Trophy front-runner Todd Gurley was suspended by Georgia indefinitely due to an ongoing investigation into whether he took money for signing autographs. Gurley hasn’t spoken on the topic, but he’s at the NFL combine this week and was asked about it Thursday.


Yes, Jayson Werth really did sign at least one autograph in jail

“Told Jayson Werth I was at game 4 back in 2012,” he wrote. “My last day in the system was neat.”

The photo, of course, shows a page of the Inmate Handbook from the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center, complete with Werth’s autograph.

jason werth autograph in jail

The Harmon Killebrew Autograph School Is Desperately Needed

It’s one of those novelty stories that have been run into the ground and into the core of the Earth, but the story of Harmon Killebrew’s autograph always sticks with me. You can read Harmon Killebrew’s autograph as if it was in huge lettering the size of a billboard. The only way you couldn’t read it was if you were blind and even then I’m not so sure that Harmon wouldn’t try to get it in brail for you.

signed baseball

This guy is so, so happy to get Buck Showalter’s autograph

The job of a baseball manager is a largely unglamorous one. You sit in a dusty dugout every day. You don’t really make the major decisions–there are no plays to call in baseball. No one ever calls the manager a “genius,” like you’d hear about Bill Belichick or Pat Riley. The job practically requires that you chew tobacco. And, as Brad Pitt showed us all in Moneyball, if the GM says you don’t matter, you really don’t matter.

baseball autograph

Rare Shoeless Joe Jackson Autographed Photo May Bring $100,000

Sharon Bowen thought her late husband was a bit crazy for buying a scrapbook filled with black and white photos of Cleveland ballplayers from the early 1900s — but not anymore. It turns out that book held what may be the only autographed photo of Shoeless Joe Jackson, the Holy Grail of baseball signatures.

shoeless joe jackson signed photo

Autographs for sale: A thriving MMA economy that benefits everyone – except fighters

UFC women’s bantamweight Miesha Tate was wandering through the Las Vegas Fight Shop one day, browsing through their collection of MMA memorabilia, when she saw something that forced her to rethink her entire strategy when it came to fan interactions. It was a photo of her, signed by her, selling for $150, of which she would see not one single penny.

Miesha Tate UFC Fan Expo Day 2 signing autographs octagon girls hot 13

60 seasons later, Luther lands autograph from favorite player

In 1954, Marsha Luther was a typical Wisconsin teenager gripped in the excitement of having a Major League baseball team in her home state.

A year earlier, the Braves organization had relocated the team from Boston to Milwaukee, and in the process, created a Midwest fan base that set attendance records.

baseball player fan phto

Hollywood Star’s Hilarious Response To Autograph Hunter

During our exclusive ‘The Wedding Ringer’ fan Q&A with Kevin Hart and Josh Gad, one plucky audience member asked Josh to sign his ‘Frozen’ DVD (Josh Gad voiced Olaf in the film).

Watch Josh’s hilarious response in our video above. It’s not quite what you’d expect.

Josh gad q and a

Michael Jordan misspelled the President’s name on an autograph

There’s also a napkin signed by JFK, a letter from the newly elected Abraham Lincoln to the Chicago mayor’s son, and a signed poster of Michael Jordan. “When the president turned 50, I wanted to get him something special … so I sent it to Jordan to have him sign it for me.” In black Sharpie, Jordan scrawled, “To Barrack: you still owe me dinner. Wishing you well, Michael Jordan.”

“I gave it to the president, and he said, ‘I can’t put this up, he misspelled my name!’ So I said, ‘Fine, I’ll take it.'”

autograph michael jordan

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