Fanboy News! Sandra Bullock Asks Daniel Radcliffe For An Autograph! Tom Brady NFTs! Superstars Make Millions From Private Signings! And More!

It’s Fanboy News!

Sandra Bullock asks Daniel Radcliffe for an autograph, Tom Brady partners with ESPN for NFTs and the millions of dollars superstars are making from private signings.

Check it all out below!

Joe Exotic asked Ben Roethlisberger for an autograph from prison… yes, you read that right

On Friday, it was revealed that Maldonado-Passage sent a handwritten letter to former Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger asking him for a signed jersey for his stepson’s birthday.

How Superstars Can Now Make “Many Millions” Signing Autographs

For decades, a Hollywood star’s autograph has been a coveted piece in fandom collections, whether gathered on the street, at a premiere or after hours waiting in line at a meet-and-greet. After two years in a pandemic, though, the autograph industry has been upended by the cancellation of red carpets and conventions. As a result, a new autograph-seeking avenue has blossomed: private signings.

ESPN partners with Autograph for Tom Brady NFTs

ESPN is partnering with Tom Brady’s Autograph non-fungible token (NFT) platform. The collaboration is expected to last at least a couple of years and will kickstart with a collection based on a Tom Brady documentary series around the NFL quarterback’s career that’s co-produced by ESPN.

Why wait in long lines at Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach to get signatures? Here are the reasons fans gave

The dedicated fans at this weekend’s Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach had various reasons for waiting in long lines, often in the hot sun, to meet their favorite professional race car drivers.They also had ample opportunities.

The Man Who Walked Around the World, Collecting the Autographs of the Rich and Famous

One hundred years ago this spring, Joseph F. Mikulec walked 2,000 miles from Dayton, Ohio, to Calgary, Canada.Three weeks into his journey, Mikulec stopped in St. Louis, Missouri, to give a talk on his travels. Over the past 14 years, the Croatian “hyperpedestrian” had traversed some 100,000 miles on foot, visiting 26 countries and collecting 50,000 autographs along the way. During his talk, Mikulec exhibited a roughly 60-pound, leather-bound album containing the signatures of “[m]ighty potentates and renowned athletes, great artists and fascinating wise men of far countries,” according to an advertisement in a local paper. “[M]ost of the interesting people of the earth have written their names in this book,” the notice added.

Eric Gales interview: “I asked Stevie Ray Vaughan for an autograph and he said ‘Only if you sign one for me first!’”

On the opening night of his UK tour, an American blues guitar player sheds a tear as he tells the crowd about “the five or six times” he nearly died as the result of the drug addiction that thwarted his career during his 20s and 30s. Now aged 47 and approaching six years sober, Eric Gales has managed to re-establish himself as one of the greatest guitarists alive today.

Voice actors reveal why they won’t be attending Anime Expo this year

That’s why some voice actors have chosen not to attend some of the industry’s largest cons in recent years. Following an unprecedented few months in which anime dub actors have publicly shared the ways their profession is undervalued and their labor is exploited, Kyle McCarley shared on Twitter yesterday his reasoning for foregoing Anime Expo in Los Angeles this July.

No phones, no autographs, no fun: Augusta’s ‘barbaric’ rules at the Masters

“Augusta is unlike any other club in the world,” said one insider, who wishes to remain anonymous as he would like to return to the place. “There’s such a long list of things you can’t do … They simply don’t stand for any nonsense.”

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe admits he wanted makeover ahead of new movie

The lightning-scar star was chatting to ITV hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard when Ben asked: “Is it true that she [Sandra Bullock] asked for your autograph?”Daniel grinned and said: “Not for her! I would love to say that Sandra Bullock asked for my autograph, but it was for her sister, as she is a Potter fan.”

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