Fanboy News! Kristen Stewart! Tom Brady’s One Word Reaction To Autograph Price! A Baseball Collection Sells For HOW MUCH? And More!

Kristen Stewart wows fans at SBIFF American Riviera Award event

The crowd went, well, fanatic as actress Kristin Stewart arrived at the Arlington Theatre Friday night for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

The award-winning actress wore Chanel; a full-length black chiffon dress with a shear mid-drift, complete with peak-a-boo white tutu.

Look: Tom Brady Has 1-Word Reaction To Autograph Sale

On Monday, Action Network’s Darren Rovell tweeted that the ball from Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LII pass to Rob Gronkowski recently sold at Heritage Auction. Adding, it went for the perfect price: $69,000.

A Rare Baseball Autograph Collection Was Appraised And The Estimated Value Is Insane

Rare baseball memorabilia from the early 20th century is getting harder to find these days. That’s not to say you still can’t find a Honus Wagner card in your grand pappy’s attic, but the odds have significantly decreased.

The mystery of Shohei Ohtani’s Kanji autographed baseball cards explained

Without a doubt, the guy to get when hunting baseball cards is no other than Shohei Ohtani. When checking who stands out, both on the field and in the market, the Japanese star is definitely a sure winner for collectors. That includes his rookie offerings, short-printed parallels, and of course, the cards he actually signed. But while the latter is really coveted by basketball fans, there’s a variant of these autographed baseball cards that are gaining more hype and momentum among those in the hobby.


The gates of Bearwood Park were opened up to two Young Royals members, William and Toby, during half-term last week and the youngsters had a fantastic day at a soggy Royals’ training ground.

‘McDreamy’ is coming to Northwest Florida. Here’s where you can meet him

“McDreamy” is coming to Northwest Florida.TV doctor and movie star Patrick Dempsey will be at the Ellis Maurer Memorial Northwest Florida Sports Cards and Memorabilia Show Friday and Saturda

Patrick Dempsey signing autographs jimmy kimmel live 2014 7

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