Fanboy News! Tom Hardy’s Phallic Autograph! The Economics Of Meet-And-Greets! CA Autograph Law Constraints! And More!

It’s Fanboy News!

Tom Hardy, how can you not love him? He had a really fun encounter with TMZ and they asked him about his autograph being fairly phallic. Pretty funny.

Check it out with the rest of Fanboy News below!

VIDEO: Tom Hardy Just Realized His Autograph Looks Phallic!

Tom Hardy has been signing his autograph for years, but something was just pointed out to him that he never realized before… his signature kind of looks phallic!

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Booksellers Consider Constraints of New California Autograph Law; Others Push for Repeal

On the first of the year, AB-1570 Collectibles: Sale of Autographed Memorabilia went into effect in the state of California, requiring all dealers of any autographed material worth more than five dollars to fill out a certificate of authenticity (COA) specifying date of sale, the dealer’s name and street address, and the name and address of the person from whom the autographed item was acquired if the item was not signed in the presence of a dealer. While AB 1570’s goals are to prevent the distribution of forged autographs, many booksellers feel they’ve been swept up by a vague law with onerous requirements and that portions constitute an invasion of privacy, citing possible violations of California’s Reader Privacy Act of 2011.

Clemson wide receiver Hunter Renfrow signs autograph as ‘Future Patriots Wide Receiver

Clemson Tigers wide receiver Hunter Renfrow appears to be cut from the same cloth as New England Patriots wide receivers Wes Welker, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola.The 5-foot-11, 180-pound caucasian wideout emerged from walk on into a star this season for the Tigers, catching 44 balls for 495 yards and 6 touchdowns.joyce randolph signed autograph the honeymooners rare promo newspaper article signed photo rare promo

PICTURES: Huge autograph collection to be auctioned in Worthing

Auctioneer Paul Campbell has spent 10 months cataloguing and identifying more than 500 signatures stored in frames, boxes and albums. They come from one man’s collection, which was found in his Arundel home after his death.

Mr Campbell will be auctioning it at his premises in 44-46 High Street, Worthing, on Tuesday, January 24. He described the collection as one of the ‘most interesting’ of his career.

joyce randolph signed autograph the honeymooners rare promo newspaper article signed photo rare promo

Obama responds to San Antonio boy’s letter, makes his day

Tens of thousands of letters from across the country arrive each day at the Oval Office. One of those letters was from Cub Scout, Isaiah Garcia, from San Antonio.

After three months of waiting, he received a response in the mail Saturday afternoon.

Isaiah sent his letter to the Commander in Chief back in September.


The Economics Of Meet-And-Greets

The music industry is really difficult. The overhead for me to do this is fucking crazy; we have to pay around fourteen thousand dollars a month just to function.

“We didn’t tour for a year, so I had to come up with fourteen grand a month just to keep everything going. Then when we do tour, it’s fucking expensive. A thousand dollars per person to fly shit class from Vancouver, too.

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