Fanboy News! Top 10 Forged Autographs In Sports! David Tennant Charges Fans 125 Bucks! Harrison Ford Badass!

It seems like everyone is talking about forged autographs this week. In Fanboy News we have the top 10 most forged autographs in sports! Shoeless Joe Jackson photos signing for big bucks! Robert Pattinson “moved” autograph seeker out of the way, and a bunch more!

Also, let’s wish Harrison Ford a speedy recovery after his accident!

Check it out below!

The 10 Most Forged Sports Autographs

I shared your photo of Williams and Babe Ruth with Phil Marks. He’s been a prominent sports autographs dealer for 25 years. I’m sorry to report that he does not believe it’s real. PSA/DNA, one of the two top third-party autograph authentication services, recently listed Ted Williams as one of ”The 10 Most Dangerous Autographs.” grouping him with Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio. “In the world of autographs, these three baseball legends are virtually inseparable,” write Joe Orlando and Steve Grad. “They all were A-level Hall of Famers on the field and top autograph draws during the hobby boom of the 1980s.” Collectors should be extra cautious about bargains on eBay EBAY +1.36% and other Internet sites, at local flea markets, and at baseball card shows. And, as I’ve written in other posts – Buyer Beware: How to Spot Baseball Autograph Forgeries–they need to do their own home work.

lou gherig baseball photo

Robert Pattinson Moves Autograph-Seeking Fan Away In Paris – But Was He Wrong?

Some outlets are making a big deal of a paparazzi video showing Robert Pattinson moving an autograph-seeking fan out of the way as he walked in Paris with his girlfriend FKA Twigs. At least one site is questioning whether the actor was “rude” in his treatment of the female supporter. Gossip Cop is reporting that Pattinson simply moved the fan away after she rushed over and lightly touched him.

Rare Shoeless Joe Jackson Autograph Photo May Bring $100,000

Sharon Bowen thought her late husband was a bit crazy for buying a scrapbook filled with black and white photos of Cleveland ballplayers from the early 1900s — but not anymore. It turns out that book held what may be the only autographed photo of Shoeless Joe Jackson, the Holy Grail of baseball signatures.

Sotheby's To Auction Joe DiMaggio's 1936 Yankees Uniform

Time Lord turned Moneybags: David Tennant charging $100 for an autograph

The former Doctor Who star is charging convention attendees a whopping $100 ($64.90) for his signature, despite having left the show in 2010.

The Scottish actor is one of the biggest billings at the Wizard World Comic-Con in Raleigh, North Carolina next week on a line-up which boasts William Shatner, The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder and Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s James Marsters.

But while an autograph from Star Trek’s Captain Kirk will set you back $80, Tennant’s signature is the priciest by far.

David Tennant

Brett Eldredge Says It ‘Freaks Him Out’ Knowing That Fans Have His Autograph as a Tattoo

Country stars say they’ve had to sign some pretty strange things, from goldfish to babies, and of course assorted body parts, but on some fans, Brett Eldredge‘s John Hancock has turned into a permanent tattoo, and he says that it “freaks him out” a bit.
“Someone tried to get me to sign their baby’s face once. I didn’t do that — but it was weird,” the ACM Awards New Artist of the Year nominee admits. “I signed an adult’s — human’s — face. And then they wanted to get it tattooed.”

melissa the tattoo girl waiting for the killers to sign autographs for fans the killers signing autographs jimmy kimmel live 004

ACTOR Gerard Butler’s latest money-making scheme is bound to get right up his fans’ noses

They will be only “considered” for the chance to have a selfie and signed photograph of the star if they first purchase a large-sized bottle of the men’s fragrance he is promoting… at around £70 a pop.

The 300 star will take part in the bizarre “pay for” signing session during a glittering launch appearance in Dubai for men’s fragrance Hugo Boss.

sexy gerard butler signing autographs jimmy kimmel live 1

‘We Are the World’ turns 30: Revisiting a superstar music jam

“Mass hysteria broke out because everybody wanted everybody else’s autograph, and they realized there was a room of everybody being fans of everybody else,” Richie said in the “Story Behind The Song” video.

In a world... lake bell sexy gif moving falling awesomeness

Harrison Ford, Aviation Rescue Badass

Harrison Ford is very lucky to be alive after crash-landing his World War II-era airplane onto a golf course. The 72-year-old star was hospitalized after on Thursday after he lost engine power, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

According to an eyewitness speaking to NBC News on Friday, Ford “saved several lives” by avoiding crashing his plane into a densely populated suburban area.

Harrison Ford signing autographs 2014 indiana jones star 2

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