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So much interesting news to report, there are crying fans, how much are your autographs worth? Twitter autograph fights! And More!

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Autograph hunting: How much are Leicestershire celebrities’ signatures worth?

Have you ever wondered how much that celebrity’s scribble in a worn autograph book at the back of your wardrobe is worth?

Although many people do not collect the signatures of famous people for financial gain, autographs can be extremely valuable with some running into thousands – or even millions – of pounds.

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Chipper Jones Gets into Heated Twitter Feud over Autograph Snub

Chipper Jones made a lot of fans during his 19 seasons with the Atlanta Braves, but the former Braves star lost at least one supporter because he didn’t sign an autograph.

Professional athletes sign many autographs each year. However, they have to draw the line somewhere and stop signing at some point during a “session.” Fans will feel disappointed if they were not one of the lucky ones who got an autograph.

twitter autograph fight

An insider’s guide to obtaining autographs

Go for the players. Go for the ambiance. Go to spend time with those you love. Go for the beer. Go for the weather (from this point forward, I swear).

Look it’s getting bad. Losing record at home, more walks than the slow half of a 5K … look, though, dang it; there is still plenty to do from the fan’s on-field perspective. I’m here to make it fun again. No matter how far we get, I always find adventure and wonder at Coors. I’m here to share it with you and make things fun again at the world’s greatest ballpark.

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The dangers of tequila: How not to get an autograph

“We walk by and he says ‘That’s him.’ I says ‘You know who that is? That’s Marlon Brando!’ “So I go over. I’ve been drinkin’ tequila on the plane. In those days, you didn’t buy (booze on the plane), you just had a bottle if you were coming back from Mexico, and you’d just drink it. Back in the ’70s. “So I go over to him. I can’t remember what I said to him, ‘Marlon, Mr. Brando, can I get your autograph?’ “And he says ‘I don’t give autographs.’ “And I says ‘Oh. Well, I think you’re the greatest, I’ve seen all your movies, all of them. On The Waterfront, and those westerns you did, wow! I remember this one you were doing with Karl Malden and he was whipping you in the streets.’

Marlon Brando

Heartbroken young fan cries after failing to get Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s autograph

The French star beat Dudi Sela in the second round at Roland Garros, setting up a clash with Spain’s Pablo Andujar.

As one of the home favourites in Paris, Tsonga took time out to sign autographs and meet fans’ requests after his win over the Israeli, but it’s an impossible task to make everyone happy.

We just hope the young boy has better luck getting other stars’ autographs away from the red dirt, or even perhaps secures the elusive Tsonga ink at a later date.

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How meeting celebs like David Bowie changed Janine Allis’ career

Janine Allis is a self-described “girl from the burbs who had no idea about business.” She never went to university, never finished school and never had too many career ambitions as a teenager.

The founder of Boost Juice, a chain of more than 250 stores in 11 countries, the much-celebrated entrepreneur has built her career off the chance encounters that have come her way — celebrities, businesspeople and meeting her husband Jeff Allis. These chance encounters have sparked significant turning points providing a colourful mix of jobs to decorate her CV: yacht stewardess, advertising account manager, model, nanny, cinema manager, publicist, business owner.

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Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Book Selfish Is Being Slammed By Readers And More Celebrity News!

When Kim Kardashian published her Selfish book earlier this month, she could not wait to share her pictures with the world — a novel idea for the reality star and social media queen. But while Kardashian’s faux tan may be glowing, the reviews of her new book are not. The reviews on have exploded with hilarious reader comments. Click through to see some of the very best!

Kim Kardashian

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