Fanboy News! Why Are Musicians Canceling Meet and Greets? Donald Trump Uses His Charity To Buy Tim Tebow Autograph? Roger Waters Signs A Different Name For Fans? And More!

It’s Fanboy News!

So many interesting articles this week. First off, why are musicians canceling all their meet and greets?

Some other interesting things, Donald Trump used his charity to buy a Tim Tebow autograph for himself? Roger Waters Signs a limited edition box set with another name?

Check it out below!

Did Donald Trump use his charity to buy himself a Tim Tebow autograph?

Back in 2012, when Tim Tebow was still the polarizing quarterback of the Broncos, and Donald Trump was just a private citizen (albeit a very public one), Trump got into a bidding war at a charity event while attempting to purchase an autographed Tebow helmet and jersey.

Donald Trump signing autographs 2016 presidential primary 1

Roger Waters Trolls Fans By Signing ‘Wall’ Box Sets With Fake Names

You’re a big Pink Floyd fan and you’ve decided to shell out $500 for the new Roger Waters deluxe edition “Wall” box set. $500 seems like a lot, but part of what’s drawn you to cough up the dough is the promise of Waters’ signature scrawled across the front cover.

roger waters in concert

Beatles super-fan waits 30 YEARS to get Ringo Starr’s autograph on LP, doubling its value

A BEATLES fan who got John, Paul and George to autograph his Sgt. Pepper album doubled its value after waiting 30 years to add Ringo’s name to it.Paul Minett got three of the Fab Four to sign the inside cover of the famous album after spending hours waiting outside their Abbey Road recording studio in 1967.

Ringo Starr's birthday Party capital records 4

People want my autograph – maybe they think I’m Li Na, jokes Moore

Tara Moore has backed herself to cause an upset against Svetlana Kuznetsova, a two-times grand-slam winner, when they face one another in the second round tomorrow.The British No 4 — ranked 227th in the world — is likely to get a slot on one of SW19’s show courts against the 31-year-old Russian and though many expect Kuznetsova to give her an education, Moore is confident.

Jordan Spieth on Autographs: ‘You Smoosh a Kid, I’m Not Signing’

At his Monday press conference ahead of the 2016 U.S. Open, Jordan Spieth discussed some of the finer points of on-course autograph etiquette. Namely: if you’re an adult (especially an adult who plans to sell the signature on eBay) and you’ve crushed a kid out of the way to get ahead of the crowd, he’s not signing anything for you.

pebble beach golf course

Serena smashes and flings racquet, then autographs and gifts it to fan

Serena Williams was frustrated. She had wasted eight break points in the first set of her second-round match against fellow American Christina McHale, and she wasn’t having it. Thus, with nothing else to blame, she took out her anger on her racquet, smacking it on the grass beside her chair a few times and then, a few seconds later, flinging it behind her across the slick green surface.

serena williams

Chewbacca Mom is charging fans $20 for autographs

Remember Chewbacca Mom? Of course you do — she’s the one who put on that Star Wars mask in the parking lot of a Kohl’s and laughed and laughed. And all of the 156 million people who’ve now watched the video laughed and laughed with her.

DAVE MUSTAINE: Why MEGADETH Has Canceled Its Fan Meet-And-Greets

MEGADETH has canceled all of its previously scheduled meet-and-greets on the European leg of the “Dystopia” tour, effective June 29.

In a video message posted on Periscope earlier today (Saturday, July 2), MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine explained why the band decided to scrap the special fan packages. “We were doing meet-and-greets with [a] company, and they did not send a representative over here to Europe with us, and we’re supposed to be doing this right,” he said. “And since the meet-and-greets are not up to par, that I believe you deserve, and I believe that it should be done really, really cool, like we used to do it, they’ve been canceled. We told them several days ago that we canceled them.”

Why are musicians cancelling fan meet-and-greets?

It’s starting to feel as though the celebrity meet-and-greet could soon meet its end.Last week, Drake reportedly cancelled the pre-show fan confabs from his upcoming Summer Sixteentour (tickets for which ran $1,000 U.S.), proving that while he keeps his family close, he prefers his fans to stand a few feet away.

cyndi lauper and mike the fanboy signing autographs for fans meet and greet 2013

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