Fanboy News! William Shatner Says “Me Too Is A Weapon For Women Who don’t get an autograph!?!” Julia Roberts First Fan Encounter! Roger Stone Selling Signed Rocks? And More!

It’s Fanboy News!

So odd, you would think there wouldn’t be any more news to print.. Instead there’s always something new… Like Roger Stone selling signed rocks? William Shatner and… Just read it below!

Courteney Cox bumps into Tom Selleck in New York bar as fans go wild for mini Friends reunion of Monica and Richard as they ask ‘what would Chandler say?!’

They played love interest Monica Gellar and Richard Burke on Friends.And Courteney Cox and Tom Selleck had a reunion as they bumped into each other at a bar in New York on Tuesday.The impromptu meeting between the 54-year-old actress and the 73-year-old actor was caught on tape by Claudia Oshry and tweeted with the caption: ‘Spotted in NY: Dr. Richard Burke and Monica Geller saying hi to one another. Shook. What will Chandler say?’

Urbandale teacher unearths Allen Lazard’s middle-school autograph before potential NFL debut

If you’re an Iowa State fan on the hunt for Allen Lazard’s autograph, you can at least know that the NFL wide receiver was writing legibly as a teenager.Urbandale teacher Lindsey Bakker has been teaching computer classes for almost 20 years, and he asks his students to sign autographs, he said in a tweet, “in case they become famous.”

Julia Roberts On Getting An Autograph Request At An Inopportune Time

Every aspiring actor dreams of the day when a fan will recognize them and ask for their autograph. For Julia Roberts, that first fan encounter happened while she was sitting on the toilet.Roberts’ career took off in the late ’80s, with Mystic Pizza marking her first major film appearance. Roberts told ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel that while she didn’t think she was that famous following its release, one bizarre and incredibly embarrassing encounter with a fan changed all that.

William Shatner says some women use the #MeToo movement ‘as a weapon’

William Shatner has said some women use the #MeToo movement as a “weapon” when they “don’t get an autograph”.The Star Trek actor, 87, suggested a portion of the complaints made against men were driven by women bearing a grudge.


Ex-Trump adviser Roger Stone selling autographed rocks to raise funds for legal defense

President Trump’s former campaign adviser Roger Stone began selling autographed rocks Monday to cover legal costs related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 race.The longtime lobbyist, strategist and self-described “dirty trickster” has made signed rocks, or “Roger” stones, the latest item available for purchase through his online store.

Juveniles allegedly steal Pete Rose’s bat at Hit King autograph session

Juveniles allegedly shoplifted a Pete Rose bat while the Hit King sat nearby at local sports memorabilia store, the Journal-News reported.

Rose was sitting in the back room of Sports Gallery, 1161 Smiley Ave., after an autograph session when eight young boys entered the store Monday, according to a police report. One of them grabbed a black Marucci bat — handcrafted for the Hit King — and ran out.

Pete rose signed Pete rose signed baseball sorry I shot JFK 1 sorry I shot JFK 1

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