Forever Ago Fan Girl Friday — Lisa-Lisa Meets The Fave Rave of 1969 AKA Bobby Sherman!

I’m sure most reading this don’t remember teen idol Bobby Sherman (hey— it IS “Forever Ago Fangirl Friday, for heavens sakes!) but trust me when I say he was the fave rave of 1969 and 1970, surpassed as Tiger Beat cover boy only by David Cassidy after the debut of “The Partridge Family “ (on which Bobby Sherman had a stellar guest star spot which served as pilots for a 1971 spin-off series, “Getting Together.”)

Bobby started as a singer on ‘60s TV dance party “Shindig”, and rose to fame in 1969 as a boyishly handsome, stuttering lumberjack on “Here Come the Brides” ( sort of sideways interpretation of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” that ran for 2 years on ABC). Subsequently, he began recording music, and had 3 million-selling singles in a row, all of which ended up pressed and preserved on the back of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran as premium cut-out records.

When I was working at a reissue record label in the late ‘80s, having never recovered from my crush on Bobby, I pitched a greatest Hits cd, which not only got approved, but I ultimately got to write liner notes for and design the packaging, which included several items from my extensive stash Bobby Sherman collectibles.

This all led to a fan-girl dream meeting with my idol. I had heard he had a terrific memory, and this turned out to be true when I ran into him a couple of times in later years, and he always knew me by name without missing a beat, proving fan girl dreams do come true…. *sigh*

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