Fanboy News! Phil Collins and Paul McCartney’s 14 Year Autograph Feud! More On The CA Autograph Law! A Man Wants His Belly Signed? And More!

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Phil Collins is still bitter about Paul McCartney not signing for him 14 years ago! The CA autograph law still really sucks, and tons more!

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Pop culture: Who is lone person Lou Ferrigno has asked for an autograph?

Autograph opportunities have become a big part of pop culture conventions like the Wizard World Tulsa con, scheduled to continue through Sunday at Cox Business Center in downtown Tulsa.This question was pitched to a few of the celebrity guests who are appearing at the convention: Have you ever asked for anyone’s autograph, not on behalf of a family member, but for yourself?


Phil Collins Reveals 14-Year Feud With Paul McCartney Following Autograph Request

Phil Collins has revealed he still resents Sir Paul McCartney after The Beatles legend allegedly mocked an autograph request at Buckingham Palace 14 years ago.According to a new interview with The Sunday Times, Collins asked McCartney to sign a Beatles book and was horrified when the musician turned to his then-wife, Heather Mills, with a snarky response.

Autograph Signing Stories: LeGarrette Blount

The event was supposed to start at 6, but he was held up and got there at 6:25. It was really nice. He started with a short summary of his career. Then, he had a Q and A session. Note: Blount has more than 200 shoes. Then, the signing afterward began.The Pro Shop made a TON of money off this. The Hall would provide a 11 x 13 photo for free to have signed by Blount. They said that. But many fans bought a football or mini helmet to get signed. Helmet was $20ish, Football was $30ish. Nice prices for those items, and the people there bought it up. I went with my 11 x 13 to get signed. He was very nice and signed well, but sadly could not do any personalization. Yes he knows what personalization is for autographs.

Nell Campbell signing autographs Rocky Horror Picture Show reunion 2016 hollywood Show 108

Video: Victorian cricketer signs spectators gut’s during match at North Sydney stands

THAT’S just not cricket!Peter Handscomb is one of Australia’s best young cricketers, but the Victorian middle order batsman may end up in the record books for an entirely different reason.With the NSW Blues racing along at 1-136 in pursuit of Victoria’s total of 309 at North Sydney Oval, Handscomb took time out to have a meet and greet with the fans.

getting an autograph on stomach

California Passes Broad Law Regulating Autographed

“This law is nuts.”That was the blunt assessment of one member of the trade when asked about changes in a California law that was originally written to protect buyers of sports memorabilia. Governor Jerry Brown signed the amended bill into law on September 9. Selling or consigning to auction in the Golden State anything with a signature—an autograph, manuscript, or first-edition book—will require a certificate of authenticity (COA).


Motley Crue star Vince Neil avoids jail after admitting to pulling woman to the ground by her hair in Nicolas Cage autograph spat

Motley Crue star Vince Neil has avoided jail after admitting he pulled a woman to the ground by her hair in a Las Vegas casino.The incident occurred after she asked his friend Nicolas Cage for an autograph at the Aria Hotel back in April.The singer’s lawyer’s entered a guilty plea to a charge of misdemeanour battery, and under a plea deal he is to spend six months on informal probation and pay a fine of $1,000.

Bill Murray Autographs Ghostbusters Pinball Machine at The Alley

Owner Jimmy Poole explained the bar’s relationship with the superstar in a previous interview about The Alley’s three-year anniversary:

A testament to how cool The Alley is, everyone’s favorite actor Bill Murray has been a regular since before it officially opened. It’s not something the co-owners really publicize, but through a friend of a friend, Murray visited prior to The Alley opening, tried some wings and boiled peanuts, and can be spotted in social media shares at the location ever since. “We don’t really know when he might pop in, but we treat him like a regular guest,” says Poole.

Brad’s Beat: Roadie Memories

Mark Womack is from Joplin and has spent much of the last 40 years on the road. He started off as a roadie helping setting up equipment for musicians. “I answered an ad that said good money and has to travel long hours. I was single wasn’t doing anything so I answered the ad after I found out what it was it was like it’s time to travel,” said Mark Womack of Creative Concert Securities. And his first gig was working for Eric Clapton, his second was for Pink Floyd. And he found them all to be just average people.

prince rock and roll hall of fame 1

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