Manic Mondays! It’s A Felicity Reunion! Pinky Heads To A Horror Convention To Meet Felicity’s Father! Erich Anderson! Say Wha?

It’s Manic Monday and how Manic is your Monday?

I’ve always wanted to say that… I know… I’m a tad crazy, but what can you do?

The colorful Ms. Pinky headed out to meet none other than Erich Anderson! Now, Erich Anderson was the father on Felicity, he was in Friday the 13th, Star Trek, etc… Yep, he’s been around.

And where else would Pinky meet Felicity’s Father? A horror convention! Only Pinky!

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Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan here excited about our recent encounter with Erich Anderson.

Erich Anderson star trek

Now, you might know Erich from his roles on Friday the 13th or Star Trek, but I managed to attend a horror convention with the express intention of meeting “the dad from Felicity.”

Erich Anderson star trek

When we finally tracked down his booth, even Erich told me I was probably the only person there who’d know he’d been on Felicity, but I can’t help it, I loved that show! I’d actually gone to the convention with the hopes of meeting two people – Erich was one and Craig Sheffer was the other one.

felicity box cover

Unfortunately, Craig had to cancel, but at least we were able to meet Erich. He was so much fun! We ended up having a lot of time with him and he told us how much he loved working with Keri Russell and how much of a consummate professional she was.

keri russell fan photo felicity waitress star pinky from mike the fanboy rare promo hot sexy photo fan photo star

Erich and Keith exchanged stories about acting and being recognized and we just had a really good time with him. It’s awesome when you get a chance to really talk to someone at an event like that. We must’ve been there at the perfect time because he didn’t have a line and was able to spend extra time with us. What a treat! I’m so glad we were able to have that experience and meet someone as cool as Erich.
Erich Anderson fan photo signing autographs now 2014 felicitys father  7

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