Feud FYC Q and A! Susan Sarandon Bolts After Signing Three Autographs! Wha?

Feud is one of the Limited Series up for the Emmy Award and with 13 nominations, clearly it’s an excellent show. Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon are outstanding in the series and it’s a must watch.

There was a q and a for the series which was supposed to have Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon but sadly Jessica had to cancel due to a death in her family.

Susan Sarandon was nice enough to talk about the show and what was involved in making it.

“The first time that I talked with Bette, she reached out to me and wanted to do a movie.” Susan Sarandon said, “But that didn’t happen. I was a fan. I knew her work. She was so interesting. She was the first actress who really became raw in an unattractive way who did parts. She wasn’t afraid to be unattractive, emotionally and physically.”

There is a lot of time and effort that goes into playing a real life person that everyone knows.

“I knew there was a perception of her that was really extreme. Ryan said don’t worry, it wasn’t going to be camp, but in his world I had no idea what that meant.” Laughed Susan Sarandon. “She needed to exist in the moment, she couldn’t just be an imitation. She had to engage the audience to see things that they didn’t know. Something that was more, than the imitations that we’ve seen.”

When asked to be in the production Susan was reticent.

“Ryan told me, I’m scared too. I don’t know why, that Ryan was terrified was encouraging to me, but then I was like, oh what the fuck. There must be a reason I was supposed to do this.” Laughed Susan Sarandon.

After the panel, shockingly there wasn’t THAT many people who approached the stage. Susan came over and signed three autographs and ran off.

I didn’t get one, but Robert was nice enough to get my magazine signed, because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten crap. DOH!

I’ve never seen Susan Sarandon bolt so fast. She’s usually pretty decent about signing. It was more than a bummer that’s for sure.

Again, big thanks to Robert for saving the day!

Until next time kids…

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