Half Fanboy Fail Friday! Michelle Pfeiffer Disses! Missing Michael Douglas! But Getting Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly!

Welcome to Fanboy Fail Friday, this is like a half fail….

And I say that because, when you go out to a big event, such as the Ant-Man and the Wasp premiere for one person and don’t get them, no matter what happened, it would be a fail.

I met up with Billy, Chris and Scotty to try and get Michelle Pfeiffer. I heart the Pfeiffer and the only place to get her is at premiere’s. Well… Sigh…

I also had a couple Ant-Man posters for everyone else, I mean why not right?

It was so hot, I’m talking about sweating balls hot. I was drinking water to hydrate but not enough so i would have to pee halfway through arrivals.

When we finally got in, all of us were separated. Billy and Scotty were down on the side, I was next to Chris, and the pen was pretty small.

Billy was praying that the heat wouldn’t melt his beard away…

Ant-Man and the Wasp movie premiere signing autographs paul rudd 0015

Arrivals started, the smaller people were first…

Then, Lawrence Fishburne came over and actually signed, which was shocking.

I didn’t get him, so there’s that.

I did get T.I. and Abby Ryder Forston.

Evangeline Lilly came over and I got her on one of my posters, not both.

Paul Rudd was super nice and signed the full line.

Michael Douglas came over, signed two, then handed back the pen, moved 10 people handed back the pen, and so on.

Again, my bad luck with Michael Douglas continues.

The person I really cared about Michelle Pfeiffer, waved and went in like a flash.

so… I consider this a half fail for sure.

David Hasselhoff did come over and hand out pre-signed 4×6 postcards… so there’s that.


Until next time kids…

Ant-Man and the Wasp signed autograph movie poster paul rudd

Ant-Man and the Wasp signed autograph movie poster paul rudd

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