Fanboy Fail Friday! A Giant Black Monolith Wall Gets Erected To Protect Idina Menzel From Six Fans! Doh! Scott’s Mad And He’s Not Taking It!

You don’t want to make Scotty mad, he’s a pretty chill guy, but when his feathers get ruffled, he’s an angry little toaster!

For todays’ FFF Scotty talks about Wicked star Idina Menzel. He paid cold hard cash to see her and not he regrets it!


Check it out below!


Fanboy Fail Friday – Idina Menzel Edition

October 28, 2016

By: Scott


I was out recently trying to meet Idina Menzel who was on a local talk show. I have been a fan of Rent since it came out and have been trying to get the cast on a couple of items. I have tried for Idina before, but she was not very fan friendly and declined signing. I thought that she might be more inclined while out promoting.

In usual form, Idina was not open to meeting fans. This time, even before we could call out to her, she had a privacy gate drawn so that she could not be seen.


Wow! Idina, who do you think you are? I’m sorry, Idina is talented, but she is not the best voice out there. In fact, I went to see If/Then at the Pantages back in December, and honestly, Idina was flat through most of the show. I was so disappointed and regretted dishing out the $175 for the ticket. Thank goodness that Anthony Rapp’s vocals were awesome. He was really fan friendly at the end of the show.

Idina, please remember your fans keep you going. It wouldn’t have taken very long to meet the six people who were waiting.

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