Half Fanboy Fail Friday! Getting The Big Diss From Matthew McConaughey But Bryce Dallas Howard Is Sweet As Pie! Autograph Goodness!

This is kind of like a Half Fanboy Fail Friday.

Two people I really wanted were out at a q and a last night, Matthew McConaughey and Bryce Dallas Howard. Now, I need Matthew on some Interstellar cast pieces and Bryce on The Help and Jurassic World.

I was at another event and rolled up on the end of the end of the q and a.

When Matthew McConaughey left, he didn’t wave or even look over at the six of us calling to him. Doh. I was a little bummed.

Then Bryce Dallas Howard left and she is the sweetest human being ever! She came right on over and even though the extremely nasty woman holding the event was trying to make things difficult Bryce Dallas Howard didn’t care. She was like, Sure, let’s do pictures!

It was pretty awesome, a couple other collector’s didn’t have anything for Bryce Dallas Howard since she also signed on the way in as well and helped me get a couple things done as well. So, all of my things were signed, which was awesome!

Then Bryce Dallas Howard did photos, and we even got to lament about the election a little. Sigh… Either it was windy or my hair had a mind of it’s own, lol.


So, even though Matthew McConaughey wasn’t very cool, it all turned out okay!

Until next time kids…

Bryce Dallas Howard signed autograph jurassic world poster chris pratt

Bryce Dallas Howard signed autograph jurassic world poster character

Bryce Dallas Howard signed autograph The Help poster emma stone viola davis

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