Fanboy Fail Friday! Fans Yell, “Beetlejuice! BeetleJuice! Beetlejuice!” After Getting Dissed From Winona Ryder!

Dear Diary,

My teen angst bullshit has a body count…

How can you not love Heathers? Or Reality Bites? Or Beetlejuice? Or…

Yeah, there’s so many awesome movies that Winona Ryder has been in, it’s hard to count.

Lately, Winona Ryder has been back in the public eye after her new hit series Stranger Things on Netflix.

Reality Bites movie poster rare image winona ryder ben stiller

She was on a local talk show and while I didn’t go myself, knowing her track record with fans wasn’t the best, from what I was recounted, it was a snub. Doh!

On the way in, Winona basically hid and ducked inside.


It’s too bad because I really love her and so do a lot of fans.

Fans prayed…

Winona Ryder mermaids praying

The invoked the name of Beetlejuice…

winona Ryder Beetlejuice lydia

On the way out… Winona Bolted for the door, from what I was told she didn’t wave even at fans. Yesh!

And that’s what we call a fanboy fail!

winona Ryder Beetlejuice lydia

Until next time kids…

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