Fanboy News! Donald Trump Sells Autopen Autographs? Ezra Miller Won’t Sign Marvel Comic Book… But He Was So Nice! DiCaprio’s Scribble! And More!

Fanboy News… It’s another Saturday!

Donald Trump sold autopenned autographs on his website for a lot of cash to unsuspecting buyers, it did say autopen on the listing according to the article but some people don’t understand what that means. Also Ezra Miller wouldn’t sign a Marvel Comic. LOL. Of course not, and DiCaprio’s scribble of an autograph gets called out!

Check out the full recap below!


Autographed Trump Hats and Books Sold on His Website Were Signed by Machine

Throughout now-President-elect Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, countless money was raised by offering signed items in exchange for a donation.These items offered on his website, including signed hats and signed copies of his book “The Art of the Deal,” were heavily advertised on social media and by Trump himself. But what some buyers may not have realized is that it seems Trump didn’t actually sign any of the items available for purchase on his website with his own hand. Instead, the autographs all appear to have been done by an autopen machine, a device used to automatically sign a signature.

Donald Trump blowing kisses in the wind

Is that a signature or scribble Leo? DiCaprio produces illegible autograph for fans while visiting Edinburgh cafe for the disadvantaged

With more than 20 years of fame under his belt, perhaps Leonardo DiCaprio has become a little tired of producing a proper signature for autograph hunters.And judging by the scribbled piece of penmanship he produced on Thursday, he has developed a speedy way of signing.

Leonardo DiCaprio signing autographs Bafta Awards 2016 signing autographs 19

Suns’ Devin Booker signed an autograph, waved goodbye after getting ejected

Second-year Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker was ejected for the first time in his young career on Wednesday night — and he made sure it was a memorable occasion.With less than 20 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter and the Suns trailing the Denver Nuggets 120-104, Booker picked up his second technical foul and got tossed. Before he vacated the premises, though, he gave the refs a thumbs-up, waved goodbye to his teammates on the bench, then signed an autograph on his way out for good measure:


You gotta love Ezra Miller!A video has surfaced online showing Ezra Miller, the DCEU version of The Flash, refusing to sign a Marvel comic book. “I can’t sign that, right,” Ezra Miller says. “Find me something else, I’ll sign it. It’s so obvious that I can’t sign that.”

$17,000 for autograph of Jewish baseball player, WWII spy

The ball sold early Friday in a two-week online auction run by Huggins & Scott of Silver Spring, Maryland. The buyer was not named.
Berg, a Jewish New Yorker, played for five teams between 1923 and 1939. But the Princeton University graduate was known more for his off-field interests — including reading a rumored 10 newspapers a day — than his baseball talent. The former player and manager Casey Stengel, who was well known for his colorful personality, called him the “strangest man ever to play baseball.”


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