Fanboy News! Eva Mendez Gets Alyssa Milano’s Autograph! Ted Cruz Autograph’s The Communist Manifesto? The Joy’s Of TTM Collecting! And More!

It’s the Fanboy News of the week!

Selena Gomez signs for fans in Canada, TTM do’s and do not’s, pranksters get Ted Cruz to sign The Communist Manifesto, Eva Mendez gets Alyssa Milano’s autograph in the 1980’s and more!

Indy 500 autograph collectors find friendship and rivalry

Mike Thomsen approaches his title as the No. 1 autograph collector of Indy 500 drivers with an admonition.You see, Thomsen’s 594 signatures only became the largest publicly known collection when the previous leader, Dr. Harlen Hunter, started auctioning off the 597 signatures he had last year.

Rougned Odor paid autograph session gets called off

A memorabilia store manager had to cancel an autograph signing by Texas Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor after “it got too big, too fast.”Store manager Brett Kravitz told ESPN on Saturday afternoon that the June 4 event, in which Odor would sign photos of his punch to Jose Bautista’s face for a premium, would no longer take place. Odor’s representatives expressed that the timing of the event wasn’t good, considering that Odor is still appealing his eight-game suspension for his role in the fight.

If you need an expert on Elvis Presley’s autograph, head to Amherst

Rich Consola of Amherst saw Elvis Presley in concert twice at Memorial Auditorium, in 1957 and in 1976.That was it.And yet “The King” has been Consola’s focus for decades.“I’ve studied Elvis Presley’s autograph every day of my life for the past 25 years,” Consola said.

priscilla presley elvis family photo

The Joy in TTM Autograph Collecting!

Before TTM Autograph Collecting getting the mail was a boring chore. Bill after bill after bill was all you got, besides the “Sign Up for AARP” pamphlet but you are just 40 years young. What is the fun in this?The full is getting the mail. Before TTM Autograph Collecting, you just got the items above, among other junk from the mailman. You only wanted the mailman to come to pick up your letter you sent out, not drop off. But TTM Autograph Collecting changes that. Just imagine, on a boring old Monday, getting the mail, wanting to take a nap. When going through your letters you see a slightly bigger envelope. You Pull it out and open it and YAY! You got your favorite player’s autograph! Nothing beats that.

ming na wen signing fanmail ttm

Eva Mendes getting Alyssa Milano’s autograph may be the most 80s thing we’ve ever seen

We’ve seen her in hit films such as Hitch, 2 Fast 2 Furious and The Other Guys. She’s not only a STUN actress but a model and other half to Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling. The couple have two daughters – Esmeralda and Amada.

alyssa milano eva mendez fan photo 25 years ago

The #1 Rule in TTM Autograph Collecting

There are many rules in TTM Autograph Collecting, from what item you sent to what is on the request letter. But there is a #1 rule overlooked by all but is the most important: Include a SASEWhat is a SASE? It stands for Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. It is basically a big envelope with a little envelope in side of it. You mail the Outside (bigger) envelope to the intended recipient (person whose autograph you want). They then put the item they autographed, which should be in the inside envelope when shipping, back to the inside envelope. They then mail the envelope back.

CB's waterlogged envelope full of crappy posters that got ruined at the dark shadows movie premiere

Watch What Happens When a Prankster Asks Ted Cruz to Autograph ‘The Communist Manifesto.’..

Some young man gave Cruz something to sign during his Elkhart visit – turned out to be the Communist Manifesto.

Giving her fans a leg up! Selena Gomez wears TINY denim shorts as she poses for selfies with autograph seekers in Canada

When it comes to her fans, she has relentlessly been one of the most gracious and loving celebrities.And on Sunday, Selena Gomez continued to show her appreciation for her Selenators as she stopped to pose for selfies in Vancouver.

Selena Gomez Preprint

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