From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2 Blu-ray Review! Does The Robert Rodriquez Series Continue To Offer Up The Thrills!

The original From Dusk Till Dawn has always been on of my favorite movies. The way Robert Rodriquez balanced action, comedy and horror was perfect. When I heard that From Dusk Till Dawn was heading to the small screen I had my reservations but season one was a good adaptation of the series.

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From Dusk Till Dawn: Season Two is out now on Blu-ray and it continues the journey of the Gecko brother. Both Seth (D.J. Controna) and Richie (Zane Holtz) have partnered with other people. Seth has teamed up with Kate (Madison Davenport) and Richie with Santánico (Eiza González). Taking a step back from the original From Dusk Till Dawn story, season two of the series paves it’s own way and has an opportunity to let the characters in the series evolve in it’s own way.

Issues like immigration are tackled which is to be expected as it’s one of the main points in this presidential election cycle. There are brief montages that start each of the episodes featuring Santánico that seem to set the stage for the series. It’s a great trick and use of visuals.

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It’s the freedom of her character that really sets the stage this season, she’s out of the Titty Twister but in some ways she’s still trapped by it and her past especially Lord Amancio Malvado (Esai Morales). Amancio is like a running drug lord, in a kind of ripped from the headlines plot line.

The series is allowed to breath in season two, season one for better or worse followed the original film, but season two the characters chart their own path. Both D.J. Controna and Zane Holtz up their game and are given an opportunity to make the characters their own and get out of the shadow of their predecessors. It’s really great to see the actors the reins on such iconic characters.

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Several guest actors step up to the plate as well. Wilmer Valderrama is excellent as Carlos Madrigal and steals more than his fair share of scenes this season. Danny Trejo who was in the original film comes back for season two as a new character, The Regulator. He’s typical Danny Trejo and he’s excellent in all that implies.

From Dusk Till Dawn Season Two arrives on Blu-ray in a fine transfer. Horror films tend to look schlocky for lack of the better word in high definition, but here the transfer is really well done. The dark colors are rich and the details are sharp. The contrast levels are strong and the CGI doesn’t look painted on like many counterpart series do.

Special features on this release include audio commentary on two episodes as well as an inside the Episode feature that gives viewers a brief recap and overviews as well.

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There are also about 25 minutes of featurettes focusing on various aspects of the series. Definitely worth a spin.

There is also the 2015 NYCC panel with several of the cast and crew.

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Overall, if you haven’t started From Dusk Till Dawn the series, I would recommend starting with season one, but season two is a lot of fun and allows the actors to really inhabit the parts their film predecessors started. I’m really looking forward to seeing what season three will bring us!

From Dusk Till Dawn Season Two is out now on Blu-ray!

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