Help Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Film Secure Funding! Check Out The Indiegogo Campaign For Awesome Swag! Signed Photos! And More!

I love the passion that comes with any fandom. Seriously, to see a group of people band together to get something done is an amazing feat.

When Veronica Mars kickstarted a feature film and eventually raised over 5 million dollars to get it produced, shot and released, it struck a blow for fandom everywhere. Now, fans of the Vampire Academy series are doing something similar for the sequel to the horror/comedy.


Frostbite, the second chapter in the Vampire Academy films has secured most of their funding but is turning to the fans on indiegogo to raise 1.5 million dollars to finish the funding and to see if the interest is out there for a sequel.

As with any indiegogo campaign there are some awesome perks, like signed cast photos, hoodies,


scripts and a bunch of cool stuff.


Some of the packages are really inexpensive as well, so you can get some cool swag without killing your wallet and help fandom show it’s “fangs!”

check out the indiegogo page and help get this funded kids!

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