Funko Sunday Five! Classic Universal Monsters! Dracula! Wolfman! Creature From The Black Lagoon! Frankenstein!

Funko Friday Five


(Editor’s Note: Apologies for not getting this up sooner! Yikes! #fanboyFail M-)

Hey, Poppers! How goes it this week? Universal is remaking all their horror classics from back in the olden days and this week marks the release of The Mummy. Actually, it’s more of a re-release or re-reimagining and I’m not too sure aboot this one for a few reasons. The mummy chick is actually kinda hot and that’s not a feeling I’m used to when it comes to classic Universal horror monsters. Anyhoo, let’s just stick with the originals on this one. Here are five Pops any and every true horror or monster fan should have. These are also great movies to watch any weekend afternoon or any day in October and I highly recommend you do, dammit. Stick with the classics, kids. You can’t go wrong.


Creature From the Black Lagoon Pop Vinyl

The Wolfman Pop Vinyl

Dracula Pop Vinyl

Frankenstein Pop Vinyl

The Mummy Pop Vinyl

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