Funko Friday Five! Classic 1960’s Batman! Bob Ross! Metallica! Twin Peaks! And More!

Friday Funko Five



What’s up, Poppers? Summer is here and it’s time to chillax and go over those Funko Pop Vinyl wishlists. There are always new Pops to add to the list and others you may have missed upon initial release, but they’re always cool to have in the collection. This week we have famous painter from the olden days of the 1980s and 90s and we loved him fro and all. Bob Ross and his happy ass gets the Pop treatment and will be out soon and will hopefully inspire you each time you put the brush to the canvas. Metallica is also getting the treatment and we’re going with Lars Ulrich, the guy who had the nerve of having the foresight to worry aboot online file-sharing and piracy. David Lynch’s Twin Peaks has once again graced the airwaves and Kyle MacLachlan’s Agent Cooper is waiting to grace your collection. A damn fine pop. And on a sad note, we have lost an American Icon in the Batman and Family Guy universe. Adam West left the Bat-Cave at the age of 88 and will be missed by many. Thanks for all the laughs and adventure. Grab his two Batman Funko Pops and display them with pride. Keep collecting, my fine Poppers!


Bob Ross Funko Pop

Lars Ulrich Funko Pop

Agent Cooper Funko Pop

Classic 1966 Batman Funko Pop

Surfs Up Batman Funko Pop

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