Funko Funday! Jordan Polishes Up His Samurai Sword After Meeting Lucy Liu! Autographed Funko Pop Goodness!

Sorry I have been absent for a bit as finals and the holidays took over my time.  Mike docked my pay and I respect that due to my delinquency.
One of my Dad’s favorite movies is Kill Bill.  Her portrayal of O-Ren Ishii is classic.  O-Ren was first on the Bride’s death list, being easiest to find due to her infamy and high position in the crime underworld but in a classic battle she falls after delivering the classic line  “Silly Caucasian Girl likes to play with samurai swords,”.
 Lucy was displaying her new “hobby” of painting in Napa before the pandemic hjt hard in February 2020 and was lucky to get my funko signed.  She was very cordial since there was really no other fans around and she actually paints pretty well. Yes I wished she signed on the window, but what is a boy to do.    lucy liu signed autograph funko pop kill bill
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