Funko Funday! Jordan “Dares To Be Stupid” After Meeting The Iconic “Weird Al” Yankovic! Signed Funko Pop Goodness!

As I sit here pondering what to write for the funko column, it just happens that Weird Al Yankovic`s “eBay” song comes on. So it made me want to write about my encounter meeting the most famous parody musician around.

Weird Al Yankovic has been around since 1976 making wonderful hits for everyone from White and Nerdy, eBay, and the list goes on and on.

Anyway, Weird Al went on tour and was touring all across the US hitting Sacramento, Los Angeles, Boston, Portland etc. And I was fortunate to see him and have him sign my two funko pops. After the show his tour manager asked to see everyone`s ticket and he would come out, sit on the front steps of the bus and sign one item each! How cool is it to have music star/ celebrity come sit down and sign one item each for the fans!!!!

Anyway, I got him to sign my funkos and went home happy! I wish he would do my inscription but, his publicist told me no my inscription.

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