Funko Funday! Jordan Says, “To Infinity and Beyond!” After Meeting Toy Story’s Tim Allen! Signed Funko Pop Goodness!

As I grow older I vividly remember what childhood movies have helped shape me as a person.

Growing up the Toy Story franchise has taught people so many valuable lessons such as friendship, love, and growing up.

This recap is about meeting Buzz Lightyear himself, Tim Allen!

Tim Allen went on a tour to do his stand up comedy tour and I have always wanted to meet him, so I figured it would be a good opportunity. I have always heard great things about him and him being super cool with fans.  He was super cool to sign autographs when he arrived at the venue and he was very accommodating even though, security was being rude about us getting autographs. And it was true that Tim Allen is a super down to earth guy and super nice to fans. He was super cool to sign a bunch of things for fans and do photos. His autograph may be a total piece of crap graph but it was cool to get the Buzz Lightyear inscription.

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