TV Heartbeat! Game of Thrones Returns! Daredevil Debuts! Justified Finale! Twin Peaks Cast Pleads for David Lynch’s Return!

The dragons are back! Game of Thrones starts its 5th season this Sunday. Look for another wedding this season and if you start to hear “Rains of Castemere” playing, run for the hills! The premiere will focus on Cersei and Jaime’s adjustment to a world without Tywin while Varys reveals a conspiracy to Tyrion. Daenerys faces a new threat to her rule. Jon is caught between two kings.


There’s a lot of good buzz around the new Daredevil series which starts on Netflix on Friday. Starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch, word is its a great show for comic and non-comic fans. Daredevil is the first of several Marvel TV series on Netflix so watch now before AKA Jessica Jones starts up!

DareDevil netflix charlie cox

Veep is back with President Selena Meyer in charge of the nation – gulp! Although she has the seat she’s always coveted, she has to campaign for the next election while being the most powerful person in the world – that doesn’t sound like a good mix for Selena…


Meanwhile, we have the final season starting up for Nurse Jackie and Justified ends its final season this week. Doesn’t it feel like a whole bunch of shows are signing off lately?


Syfy’s intriguing 12 Monkeys also ends its first season run this Friday. Interesting and twisty, tune in for what’s sure to be a cliffhanger before the show returns for a second season.

12 Monkeys (1)

Thursday: The Comedians season premiere (FX), Louie season premiere (FX)
Friday: Daredevil debut (Netflix), 12 Monkeys season finale (Syfy)
Sunday: Game of Thrones season premiere (HBO), Veep season premiere (HBO), Silicon Valley season premiere (HBO), Nurse Jackie final season premiere (Showtime), MTV Movie Awards (MTV), Seeds of Yesterday debut (Lifetime)
Monday: Turn: Washington’s Spies season premiere (AMC)
Tuesday: Justified series finale (FX), Sirens season finale (USA), Brickleberry series finale (Comedy)

Health check

Outlander returned to a large audience and Starz’s biggest female audience for a TV show ever!  Enjoy the next 7 episodes since the second season won’t start until a year from now.  I think the fans are already anticipating casting announcements for some major roles for the next season…

Outlander TCA 1-15 (5)

The Last Man on Earth will continue to stand around for another season. Fox just renewed the Will Forte show, but Weird Loners looks like it won’t be around for much longer. American Odyssey will be a lot short than Homer’s Odyssey. With a soft debut, chances are pretty good that it won’t be back.

Last Man on Earth

Meanwhile, not everything biblical means ratings gold. While A.D. The Bible Continues did well, The Dovekeepers couldn’t keep eyeballs on the show. Look for the Bible Continues to continue, but CBS may need to find a different spin on their Easter programming.

Crystal Ball

It’s time to do the time warp again! Not only will we be having new seasons for X-Files, Twin Peaks and Coach, but Full House might be coming back as well. Were people really clamoring for a Full House reunion?

People are clamoring for David Lynch to get back behind the camera for Twin Peaks. Over the weekend, he announced that he would not be directing the third season as originally announced. The Twin Peaks cast taped a video to plead for his return. I second the motion! #SaveTwinPeaks!

Stay tuned!

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