Gary Oldman! Amanda Seyfried! The Red Riding Hood Premiere! I’m Not There! Dammit!

gary oldman the fifth element red riding hood signed autograph rare poster mike the fanboy Batman Dark knight rare awesome new

I so wanted to go to this… but you know you just can’t make it to everything I guess. But I’ve been so excited about this movie, and to miss the premiere is just… heartbreaking… Anyway, moving on… CB did attend… And he got lucky! LOL… He always seems to be a lucky dude, but getting Gary Oldman… He’s really lucky. I’ve wanted Gary Oldman for a long long time, and I can almost hear Erica gritting her teeth and mumbling something about Harry Potter! LOL…

Anyway, check out the whole report from CB! His first for a premiere I think!

CB again, and let me just start of by saying, I adore, ADORE Amanda Seyfried. She signed for me and the mike in the rain, and to continue on the story and I’ll tell you why I love her more and more. Today is the Red Riding Hood premiere. Mike wanted to come, but he didn’t want to freeze his face off. I’m mainly here for Gary Oldman to continue my Dark Knight poster. I recently got Aaron who was, uber nice, read the article! I already got Amanda, but just in case I have a Red Riding Hood poster and had someone make me an 11X14 of Amanda. Armed with my stuff, I’m ready to go.

red riding hood amanda seyfried max irons gary oldman premiere red carpet signed autograph review

5:00 its windy, like my face is suffering from the cold artic wind and I wish I had my babushka bad. Argh

5:15: Get word the premiere is going to start early, around 6:00.

6:15: The first arrivals, no one special

harry potter gary oldman red riding hood the fifth element signed autograph rare awesome red riding hood premiere rare hot

6:20: YAY Gary Oldman has arrived. We chant for him and he crosses. He was about to go clear across the street, but police stop him and make him take the crossing. The crowd boos this. He starts at the beginning of the barricade and works his way down. He’s really nice. I ask him to sign my Dark Knight poster and I say”I got Christian and Aaron already”, and he says, Sure no problem. I then get him on the Red Riding Hood poster. Such a nice guy. He works his way down more and signs for almost everybody. We’re off to a good start.

gary oldman the fifth element red riding hood signed autograph rare poster mike the fanboy Batman Dark knight rare awesome new

6:30: Max Irons has arrived…and he has stiffed, again…sigh

6:35: OMG!!! Its Amanda, she looks amazing in her purple dress. We chant and yell for her, but she goes straight to the carpet… heart break. !!!

7:00 Press packs and up and leaves. In fact, everyone else does. I stick around because I say to myself; I have my Gary Oldman 4X6.

7:35: I walk around and sadly, it’s no longer windy. I spot Amanda doing some press, and just stick around. I’m across the street; she may see us and come over. Unlikely, but I’m staying positive.

amanda seyfried red riding hood mean girls signed autograph red riding hood premiere rare fans dear john letters to juliet

I see her leave and I make a mad dash towards to her. Within a minute I was in front of her asking her to sign my poster. She’s so, so SOOOO nice! She was so nice, AGAIN! She signs my photo and poster and takes a pic with a fan, who wanted to meet her so bad. In total, she only signed for three people. I’m happy and avoided as Mike would call it, a debacle.

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