Gary Oldman Goodness! The Slow Horses Star Once Again Proves What A Nice Guy He Is! Autographs and More!

How can you not love Gary Oldman?

The man is so nice and always willing to accommodate fans.

Recently, Gary Oldman was out promoting his series Slow Horses, which, if you haven’t seen, is really good. The series is a fun thrill ride, that I really enjoyed.

When Gary Oldman showed up for a q and a, there were about 30 fans waiting. Everyone was in a line and Gary started signing. Sadly, some people ran around the barricade and tried to surround Gary, which made him stop and go inside.

It’s like… Why? Why…

Anyway, one of the people with Gary Oldman, came back and said he’ll come back, but we just need to stay in line.

A lot of the crowd went to the other door. Gary came back and true to his word started signing. I got him to sign my Harry Potter mini poster and my Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy mini poster.

Then they had everyone line up and Gary went down the line and signed my Sirius Black Funko pop.

I will always have something for Gary Oldman to sign, I truly love his work.  I was with JM and we decided to take off rather than wait for Gary on the way out.

I’m really happy with what I got and I know I’ll see Gary Oldman again, he’s just such a nice guy and great to fans.

Until next time kids…

Gary Oldman signed autograph funko pop BAS 0001

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