I Yell “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!” After Meeting The Iconic Geena Davis! Rockford Peaches Goodness!

I have to admit, I love me some Geena Davis. I think I’ll always have something for her to sign. She was so prolific back in the 1990s and could excel at comedy and drama at the same time.

Scotty and I have tried to go out for her so many times. I think for five years in a row, we had our annual Geena Davis fail.

So, when I saw she was going to be at a screening this past week, I was stoked to say the least!

There were only a few of us there, and I have like five things, which I figured was a dream, but you never know.

I spotted Geena Davis walking up and we all politely asked her to sign.

She was like sure.

I had my Beetlejuice promo VHS presskit, which she flipped over, and then A League of Their Own of course.

Then she switched to Gold and I asked her to sign The Fly, and she said, “Oh you have Jeff, I have to sign!” Adorbs!

I pushed it for The Long Kiss Goodnight as well, which is such a fun film!

It was a super fast outing and I’m so happy about this one!

Woo to the hoo!

Until next time kids…

Beetlejuice VHS presskit handbook for the recently deceased signed by Geena Davis autograph

Geena Davis signed autograp a league of their own poster

Geena Davis signed autograph The Fly poster

Geena Davis signed autograph the long kiss goodnight poster

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