Fanboy History! Did A Signed George Brett Baseball Inspire Lorde To Write “Royals?” Awesome!

Fanboy History!

I love this… I was on Twitter and I’m a huge… huge fan of Lorde. I honestly thought she was the best performance at the Grammy Awards. So simple and just let her voice kill it. I admit I was really impressed.

So, when I was combing Twitter and saw this tweet by @LordeDaily I almost lost my mind.

lorde tweet signed baseball

George Brett (who I also met back when I was a kid and really inspired me into the world of collecting as an FYI) gave Lorde a signed baseball which inspired her to write “Royals!”

That’s amazing that such a brief fan encounter can have a profound impact not only on one person, but now, how many people has that song impacted and inspired. I love every second of it.

Now according to wikipedia, they say that Lorde only saw the photo, but I’m siding with @LordeDaily on this one because they rock.

Wikipedia says, “Lorde had thought of writing a song about the luxury of pop musicians after seeing an image in the July 1976 edition of National Geographic showing Kansas City Royals player George Brett[5] signing baseballs, with his team’s name emblazoned across his shirt”

george brett signing autographs national geographic photo lorde royals

Fandom inspiring art, inspiring fandom and more art!

It doesn’t get better than that kids!

Until next time..


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