Fanboy Fail… Tues? George Clooney Disses Waiting Fans! Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? Indeed!

Fanboy Fail… Tues?

Oh, it’s a fail kind of week. Doh. Don’t you just hate this kind of week?

I headed out to a local talk show after having a pretty crappy day I might add, for Mr. George Clooney. I’ve only ever gotten George Clooney once in my life, and I have always heard he was really nice, but things always change, circumstances always matter, you just never know.

george_clooney_facts_of_life_rare promo press still smoldering hot sexy long hair promo photo shoot

I headed out with my Michael Clayton and Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? mini posters and was hoping for the best.

It was an interesting day, security was acting odd, there was an animal handler who they insisted needed to have the black gate up for. So they closed the gate, now… We were also told that George wanted to come over but we needed to be in a line. This is pretty much how we always have been when it’s on this side.

George Clooney a dick to fans2

Security then moved and opened the gate. We all thought that George Clooney was going to come over as pseudo promised.

Then, like a bolt of lightning George Clooney power walked to the door away from us. People yelled but to be honest he was moving so fast all anyone could barely get out was Georg…

And that was it. BAM! He was gone.

George Clooney a dick to fans2

Talk about a Fanboy Fail Tues!

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