George Takei Fail! Jenni Heads To The World’s Largest Chicken Dance To Meet Captain Sulu But Gets Beamed Off Instead! Doh!

Doh! Jenni went to… Wait for it… The largest chicken dance…It took place in Cincinnati Ohio as part of their party in the park for Oktoberfest. Who knew?

Hosting the event was none other than Star Trek star George Takei! Yep, Captain Sulu himself! Jenni is a huge fan and headed down to try and meet the Star Trek star.

Sadly… This was not meant to be! Doh! Beam her up, Scotty!

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Ever have one of those days where you hear so and so was so nice! So and so signed and signed so many autographs!

Well today was one of those days. I went to the largest Chicken Dance ( yes you heard that right) to get George Takei and I kept overhearing people earlier say how friendly George was so I knew today would be a lucky day.


George was about to head to the stage so I knew I had to act quickly. I said “George Photo please?” ( it would of been a photo blast) but he zoomed by. George did manage manage to sign for someone else though!

george takei doing the chicken dance

I quickly ran back to my spot as soon as he was finished with his chicken dance and I was the only person waiting so I knew I would get him!

George came off of the stage and I asked my friend to hold my camera so she could take the photo and once again I said, “George Photo please??” He said, “I can’t!”

george takei doing the chicken dance

I decided to wait around for a little bit longer along with a few more fans ( 10 tops) and George came out with Police officers ( this isn’t good) fans asked for autographs and he ignored them.

I do not think George is a rude person and I am sure he is very,very kind person but I happened to get him a bad time it happens to all of us.

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